6 SEO Tools That Every Small Business Must Know

6 SEO Tools That Every Small Business Must Know

SEO (search engine optimization) plays a great role in making your brand visible and among top ranking sites in Google searches. Applying on-point and required SEO techniques is the utmost necessity of keeping your business and website in search results so that people can know about it. No matter how hard you work on your website, and what endeavors you put to make it flourished, if there are no correct SEO tools used, it’s like you prepare an amazing speech for your competition.  You presented it in an isolated room where nobody was watching you or there were a very few chances that someone could get to know what you were presenting there. SEO tools help you out to get noticed by organic traffic and make you visible in search results.

If you know SEO techniques, you can incorporate efficient tools regarding search engine optimization. But if you are not an expert in it, you can outsource its services by an expert who knows the effective SEO tools and techniques and can make your website among top ranked platforms that get the attention of users. Here we will discuss some important SEO tools that will definitely help you out to attain maximum traffic.


Google is the most used and widely acceptable search engine by the users on internet. Daily, billions of users search for thousands of things on Google as it provides efficient services for collecting and analyzing the data. The impact on SEO strategy is directly related to the change in Google’s algorithm. It provides free services to make it easy for the users to have a best user experience in no time and without facing any hindrance.

  • Google Analytics: Google analytics provides the services by keeping you updated regarding your page’s views and how do users reach your website.
  • Google Trends: It is useful for knowing and analyzing about how users search on Google. It is helpful for comparing the keywords and also, for having a comparison between your business and its competitors.
  • Page Speed Insight: With the help of this, Google analyzes the page speed of your website and gives suggestions for improving the speed by telling you about specific strategies that you can implement. The speed of your page has everything to do with its ranking. People don’t spend more than a few second while waiting for a page or site to upload. So, it is essential to monitor the performance of your website to make it more relevant and convenient on different search engines such as Google.
  • Google Search Console: With its help, your business gets enabled to be discovered on Google. Google also does a test drive of the map of your site for determining the presence of any error so that you can fix it. By using this, you can ensure the reaching factor of your site to the users and you can use the data for identifying the successful products on your website.

Screaming Frog:

This tool helps in identifying weather there is any broken link or an issue in your website. It helps in analyzing metadata and ensuring that redirects are working. You can find duplicate content too. It serves you with its free version when you have a small business and if your website has les than 500 pages. But if it has more than 500 pages, then you will be required to get its paid version. It is beneficial for catching any potential issue in your website by enabling you to have regular audits of your website. This way, you can sort those issues out well before facing any problem or well in time before the issues start impacting your SEO.


Recommended by a dissertation help firm, it helps out your website in different dimensions when it comes to search engine optimization. Among various SEO tools, Ahrefs also works in a fast way for different aspects like when you need to perform the audits of your site, analyze the competitions and conduct a research for keywords. Furthermore, it helps in tracking the rank of your website. It is one of the most valuable SEO tools for its capability of building the links. It is an essential aspect for any business that goes along with link building campaign for serving their website. This tool is able to do many things beneficial to your website. Moreover, it has an active Facebook community to make you able of getting support from other marketers.

Moz Local:

Out of the best SEO tools for taking the factor of citations along, Moz Local is one good source. As you know, in the ranking of local map, one of the major concerns is citation. As for citation is concerned, it is simply mentioning you name along with address and phone number on some other online website. Yelp, Facebook, etc., are some common business directories that are taken into common citations. Moz Local is one good tool that enables you for quick audit related to the citations. You will get to know that either the information provided by you is consistent on all directories or not. It also tells about missing and duplicate listings.  


With the help of Majestic, you can look at the most updated data because it updates its database on a regular basis. Because of prioritizing back linked sites, you can get information of both, your own website as well as your competitor’s website. It gives information regarding your links, their efficiency and where they come from.


Ubersuggest helps in thinking for new keywords as well as it is beneficial for analyzing the old ones. You can get the results in list and cloud form with its help. It also enables you to filter the results and knowing when a keyword is most scratched.  


Various SEO tools can help you out to make your website strategic in a way that it can attain maximum ranking in search results. Without keeping the work of SEO in your site, you can’t reach your goal of getting maximum traffic.