7 tips to create positive vibes at home as per Vastu

7 tips to create positive vibes at home as per Vastu

Changing the energy and vibes around you is important, especially when you are feeling stuck or depressed in life. And while you can always rely on your free Kundli to take cues on how to better your personality for good, Vastu, on the other hand, helps in creating a positive environment around you, thus complementing your overall development. 

Negative vibes could drain your energy and result in unproductivity. So it becomes very necessary to get rid of such vibes and create positive ones. With that being said, we got in touch with astrologers and have highlighted here some Vastu tips that can be used to create a positive vibe at home and the workplace in this new year. 

Declutter your space 

This is a very basic thing, but many people don’t pay attention to this part of their life. You should remove the things lying around you that are not of use in your daily routine or should organize them in a manner that your vicinity looks clean and managed.

Creating space and removing unwanted things from home will allow positive vibes to enter your residence. People usually limit such tasks to festivals and events, but we should do these tasks on a regular basis. This will help you to get positivity in your home, and eventually, you are going to feel happier.

The astrological benefit of keeping your home clean is that it will make Shani strong in Kundli, thus blessing you with abundance. 

Plant trees at home

Planting trees in your home connects you with nature and as humans, we are meant to stay with nature. But that is not really happening as people bar away from going out because of urban noise or pollution. Thus, planting trees at home is necessary as it provides fresh air and positive energy, which give you a positive mindset and help you in being productive.

There are some specific plants that can bring positive vibes at home, such as Tulsi and Money Plant. Also, keep in mind that you should try to avoid planting thorny plants like cacti.

Soak in the morning light 

Sunrays act as a purifier and kill the negativity of home. Every morning, especially during winters, make sure you let the sunlight come into your home and spend some time soaking it. This will help you to develop optimistic thinking and will make you feel energized and refreshed.

Darkness in the home always creates vibes that make a person uncomfortable and kill productivity. Also being in the dark will give you negative thoughts. 

Try to wake up early and stay in the morning sunshine for 15-20 minutes. This will also improve Surya in your kundali. A positive thought process and mind always allows an individual to do more and it also helps in getting new creative ideas in mind.

Chinese Feng Shui

Sounds that surround your home play a big role in home positivity. As per astrologer, Chinese Feng Shui is responsible for nourishing your home with positive vibrations and creating favorable vibes at home.

Wind chimes, on the other hand, can also help in creating a sound that is soothing for the mind and it will make you feel calm and relaxed.

Tortoise showpiece brings an energy that creates good vibes in the environment. Keeping a tortoise showpiece at the home entrance will act as a safeguard for your home and it will stop negative vibes from entering your home. The recommended direction to place the tortoise is back of your home; this will be more effective, in the long term.

Hang paintings at home

Hanging paintings in the home can change your home atmosphere. Every painting has its own vibes. And for each home, there can be two types of paintings. One, the negative ones such as the ones that involve war scenes and second, the positive ones, such as ones that have flowing water.

Negative paintings will make your life like a cage and you will not feel better. On the other hand, positive paintings can fill you and your family with positive energy.

Follow these simple Vastu tips and you will have an abundance of positivity around you to cherish. 

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