Affordable pool upgrades that may make your pool more fun and easier to maintain.

Affordable pool upgrades that may make your pool more fun and easier to maintain.

In Dubai, we are in the midst of the swimming season. This means that now is not the time to consider hiring a swimming pool company in dubai for modifications and enhancements to your in ground swimming pool. However, if you begin making modifications now, you will be able to show off your new and improved pool just in time for the next summer swimming season. How should you prepare your pool for the next swimming season? Consider these in ground swimming pool upgrade alternatives to make your pool more enjoyable and functional.

An Automatic Leveler:

Evaporation causes the pool’s water level to dwindle over time, which indicates that the lost water must be refilled. When water evaporates, automated levelers refill the pool, keeping the water level even. Automatic levelers are typically installed in modern pools, however, your pool may not have one if it is older. This enhancement will simplify pool maintenance and guarantee that you always have the optimum water level when it’s time to swim.

Salt Water System:

Swimming pool salt water systems are gaining considerable attention. This technology uses salt to produce chlorine in the water, alleviating the need for traditional methods of adding it. In general, saltwater pools are less irritating to the skin, eyes, and hair. Not only can you save money by not having to buy pricey chemicals, but your pool’s surface lasts longer.

Consider Pool-Friendly Landscaping

If you want to enhance your yard’s landscaping, think about including a few things that will benefit your pool as well. You may install a windbreak made of plants or bushes to reduce heat loss and keep your pool warmer without adjusting the thermostat settings. The windbreak will also help you save money on water by reducing evaporation.

Integrating A Spa

The installation of a spa adds a luxury touch to your swimming pool design dubai. After swimming, you may warm up your muscles. A spa will make your leisure experience more enjoyable.

Automatic Pool Cleaner

If you have a robotic cleaner at home, why not purchase one for your pool? Automatic pool vacuums clean the floors and walls of a pool and require less effort on your part to maintain the pool clean. If dirt, leaves, or fruit are left on the pool’s surface for an extended period, they might develop stains, but an automated pool cleaning can remove them before they become a problem. If your pool pump fails for whatever reason, your robotic pool cleaning can take up the slack and keep your water clear until you can get your system back up and running.

Setting Up A Fire Pit Close To Your Pool

Water and fire go well together. A fire pit will add warmth to your pool area. Simple fire pits are affordable and simple to install. The most intricate and permanent choices are more expensive and will need the services of an expert for installation.

Upgrade Your Pool Lighting

LED lighting is more energy efficient and lasts longer than incandescent lighting. It produces more and is more efficient, especially when used in and out of your pool. When compared to traditional bulbs, employing such lighting will lower your energy use.

Deck Resurfacing

If you’re sick of looking at your pool deck, resurfacing might give it a new lease of life. And you don’t have to rip up all of the concrete and repour before this summer to have that fresh appearance. Instead, you may select from a wide range of concrete overlay solutions that can be put over an existing concrete surface to create a new appearance. Color and texture may be added to your deck, and many pool deck concrete overlays incorporate sand and other materials that make the surface more slip-resistant, increasing safety and accessibility.

If you want to extend your swimming season without sacrificing a large heating expenditure, you may attempt some of the above-mentioned changes to make your pool more energy efficient. These are just a few of the numerous ways you can prepare your pool and pool area for the swim season. The greatest time to contemplate upgrading is during the off-season. Contact Green Paradise, one of the best swimming pool companies in dubai to learn more and discuss your bespoke pool project.

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