Autism Treatment In Dubai

Autism Treatment In Dubai

What is Autism?

When children are young, they suffer from a developmental disorder. It’s a problem that’s becoming more common in children worldwide. When diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)by the Best neurologist doctor in Dubai, a condition that affects a child’s ability to communicate and interact socially, the condition strains the child’s parents’ ability to function and lead an everyday life. As a result, not only do the children suffer socially, but the entire family does.

According to a recent poll, one in six children is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This is a concerning number, and Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma is working hard to address it. His goal is to provide the best treatment of Autism in Dubai and ensure that every autistic child may enjoy a normal and happy life.

What causes ASD?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is caused by a wide range of complicated hereditary and environmental variables that cannot be pinpointed. Most ASD instances, however, fall into one of two categories:

Idiopathic ASD (primary ASD): When there are no known underlying causes for ASD; According to this statistic, the idiopathic disease accounts for 90% of all cases. Certain genetic variations can increase a child’s risk of developing autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at birth or early childhood.

When a medical problem or environmental element increases a child’s likelihood of developing ASD, it is called secondary ASD. Approximately 10% of the time, this occurs. Seizures and other severe medical conditions are also linked to Autism.,

Common signs and symptoms of Autism

The signs and symptoms of ASD can differ from one individual to the next. Listed here are some examples of typical symptoms:

Speech problems: Autism may present itself in various ways, including delayed speech development, word repetition during the speech, answering in single words rather than sentences, refusing to react to their name, and so on.

Social difficulties: The avoidance of playing with others, the inability to use ordinary gestures, the refusal to hug parents and other people close to them, and the absence of facial expressions are all signs of Autism.

Learning difficulties: persistently adhering to a predetermined schedule, taking an undivided interest in a single pursuit or field of study, and displaying extreme preferences about the appearance, consistency, or flavor of one’s food are all examples of compulsive tendencies.

How Is Autism Treated?

Step 1: Autism Diagnoses

Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma will learn everything there is to know about your child and establish every goal connected to the process of treating your child’s current state before beginning to work on reaching the goal through the utilization of interdisciplinary strategies. Listed below are some of them:

  • Counseling with a focus on social skills in a group setting
  • Therapy for the Voice and the Mouth
  • ABA Therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis)
  • The practice of occupational therapy
  • In particular instances, the Use of Pharmacotherapy

Step 2: Consultation

Every autistic child and their parents are welcomed with open arms by the staff, Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma leads. This is done to assist the families in reducing the significant stress they have been under up until now. They can empathize with you and will offer support as you work through this trying time.

Step 3: Treatment

When dealing with autistic patients, Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma is the foremost authority in the field. Because of the high quality of his services, he is now widely recognized for treating Autism but also for successfully addressing various other neurodevelopmental disorders.

We will make every effort to strengthen your child’s sense of self-confidence. Get in touch with the Best neurologist doctor in Dubai to learn more about our individualized treatment strategy and methodologies and arrange a meeting with them.

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