A swimming pool at home can help increase your fitness level, overall health. You can cool off on the hot days and center your recreation and entertainment activities on the swimming pools. A recent trend of natural pool construction is gaining wide popularity. These natural settings provide you a calm and peaceful spot in your home that can offer benefits; they have a practical function and enhance the look of your home.

Traditional pools stand out from natural landscaping elements and do not compliment them. Natural ponds complement the softscaping and aquascaping features very well. Traditional pools require; chemicals for water balancing and cleaning; these chemicals are not environment friendly and may pose health risks. Natural swimming poolsare a better alternative to traditional pools. They offer similar advantages at low maintenance costs and additional benefits.

Natural Swimming Pools

Natural swimming pools are artificial bodies of water that incorporate different elements of landscaping and aquascaping to give them a natural feel. These designs are nature-inspired;  that replicate the wetland, natural wilderness waterfalls, streams, ponds, etc. Different aquatic plants are planted in the regeneration zone to keep the water clean and clear. Many species of aquatic plants have the natural ability to filter the water.  The pool consists of two sections: the swimming area, where you can enjoy regular pool activities, and the regeneration zone, filled with aquatic plant life. Swimming pool design companies in Dubai like PhoenicianTechnical Services LLC have years of experience in swimming pool installation, design, and maintenance. Their plant nursery in Dubai boasts an impressive collection of aquatic and other plant species that offer a wide variety of options for your softscaping and aquascaping projects.

Benefits of a Natural Swimming Pool

The advantage of natural swimming pools is their low maintenance cost. During the long summer months, standard swimming pools require spending a large amount of around 3,000/- AED per month, depending upon the size and use of the pool. On the other hand, natural swimming pools are self-maintaining, need little care, and need no chemicals or water testing. 

Another advantage of natural swimming pools is their low maintenance requirements. Natural swimming pools essentially maintain themselves. They require no chemicals or water testing, so they save considerable amounts of money over the long term. The materials like gravel and sand help natural water filtration. Aquatic plants further help maintain the quality of swimming pool water. They need small energy-efficient pumps to circulate the water within the ponds to avoid water stagnation. It is important to keep pool water in circulation; because stagnant water is a medium for the growth of micro-organisms and mosquitos, which are harmful to humans and spread disease.Over time the regeneration zone will become a small ecosystem; flourishing, and sustaining different beneficial species; that will feed on harmful algae, insects, and insects to further enhance the health of your water garden.

Building Considerations

Cost and Construction Time

Natural swimming pools take longer to construct than standard swimming pools, and they also cost more to build. The higher cost and construction are attributable to the fact that you have to incorporate more features and elements in the swimming pool and its surrounding landscape.

Required Space

The natural pools are self-sustainable only if provided with a regeneration zone that includes indispensable aquatic plants for water filtration. As natural pools will have both the regeneration and swimming zone, they will require more space than a traditional pool with a similar swimming area.


The depths of the swimming area of a natural pool are comparable to that of standard swimming pools. The depth of the swimming pool should be proportional to the filtration capacity of the regeneration zone. Regeneration zones of the swimming pool are generally shallower and can range from 6″ to 18″ deep. You can build stairs decks and steps near the pool, like those in a traditional swimming pool.

Building Phases

The initial phase of natural pool construction is similar to the standard pool construction, the earthwork is done, and concrete is poured on the bottom and sides. The difference lies in the hardscaping of the pool edges and planting the pool regeneration zone. Different softscaping elements are incorporated into the pool to enhance its aesthetic appeal. The plants need to grow and take time to transform into the desired appearance. Additional fixtures, furniture, and green walls are adopted in pool design to beautify the pool garden. For green walls design Dubai based PhoenicianTechnical Services LLC can inspire you with unique and excellent ideas for green wall placement around your pool.

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