Choose The Best type of Door for the modern outlook of your house

Choose The Best type of Door for the modern outlook of your house

Doors are the entry place of your house creating a sharp line between an outer world and a personal world. They allow more privacy, security, calmness inside the house away from the bustling life of the outdoors. In this post, we will share about different types of doors i.e., door type by style and door types by material.

Door types by Style

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are mostly used in the back of the house to access an entry to the backyard, garden, or patio. However, they can also be used indoors in places like cupboards, closets, pantries, etc. You can consult professional door-making companies for Sliding Door Price in Dubai.

Automatic Swing doors

Automatic swing doors are used mostly in commercial places such as shopping malls, hospitals, educational institutes, etc. to handle a large influx of people on daily basis. Automatic Swing door sharjah offers a lot of conveniences and is designed for the consumer with low energy.

Sectional Doors

Also known as roller doors, sectional doors are mostly used in garage or storage facilities. They don’t require much room to be installed and are quite easy to use.

Pivot Doors

The pivot door rotates around from top to bottom. Its frame is attached to the wall and ceiling allowing the door to move freely without hurdles.

Hinged Doors

They are the most common type of doors installed almost everywhere. They are fixated into their frame with hinges that allow their movement from outside to inside and vice versa.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors offer great help in smaller places. They come with a folding option to adjust their size as per usage. They are mostly used for closets, pantries, and utility rooms.

French Doors

The elegant door type is mostly used as an entry door as they allow more space and light into the rooms. They are basically double doors made with glass panes.  

Saloon Doors

As depicted in old western movies, saloon doors are double doors with bi-directional hinges allowing entry from both ends. These doors usually come without handles and anyone can walk through them without using hands to open them as they are bi-directional. They are mostly used in kitchen and dining areas although it is hard to find saloon doors in modern construction works.

Door Types by Material

Wooden Doors

Pretty common in sight, wood has been used for centuries to build strong doors. They are durable and are likely to last for a long time. They can adjust to any kind of house and design and still give a classic look to the house.

Steel Doors

Steel is also a very common material to build elegant yet durable doors. They mostly go with an industrial kind of look however appear very elegant. They are also very durable requiring minimum maintenance which makes them an ideal choice of many.

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum doors are the production of modern architecture. They are elegant, stylish, and ideal for contemporary-styled houses.

Glass doors

Glass doors are large panels of glass fitted into aluminum, steel, or wooden frames. They are mostly used to create a spacious look in the house while allowing the light to travel through the room. They are mostly used as opening doors to backyards and gardens.

Fiber Glass Doors

Fiberglass is famous for its durability and low maintenance. Due to its strength, durability, and availability in different sizes and colors, fiber glass is highly preferred in the construction sector to close living spaces.

Battened and Ledged Doors

Battened or ledged doors are in use for decades. They are made up of heavy vertical wooden battens with horizontal ledges to make them more strong and secure. Now, we hope that you can choose whether you want a Sectional door Dubai or a swing door in a material of your choice.