Choosing a swimming pool design – which style is right for you?

Choosing a swimming pool design – which style is right for you?

Families who are overworked and overtired could appreciate having a pool at home. On a sweltering day, it’s the one place we all want to be. Anyone of any age can benefit from swimming because it is a relaxing and healthy activity. An attractive swimming pool also adds charm and value to any property.

What & where should you put it?

You’ll have a lot of options to choose from. A few of the most prevalent alternatives are listed here.

Swimming Pools Designs: Above Ground:

According to experts of many Swimming pool companies in Dubai above-ground swimming pools are the easiest to construct and the cheapest to purchase, as they come in pre-assembled packages. You may still have a great time in the summer with them, even if you don’t want to spend considerable amount of money on an in-ground pool. Even if you don’t want to commit to a permanent building in your yard, an above-ground option may be the best choice.

What you need to know about above-ground swimming pools:

Quick to install: 

In only a few days, you can hold a pool party with the help of a few handy neighbors.


Move, and your pool will follow. Please give it to someone who will use or sell it to someone else. Or, you can leave it as-is for the next owner of your home to take care of it.


Aluminum, resin, and steel siding are all options. There are several advantages to all three varieties, ranging from corrosion resistance to a relatively long lifespan. When weighing the benefits and downsides of each type, your local dealer can guide you.


An inexpensive method to provide years of backyard family pleasure, above-ground pools are an excellent option for you!

Great for Small Lots: 

For those situations when a backhoe is complex, an above-ground can usually be transported as a kit to your yard and installed.


Many Surfaces are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, as well as a variety of decorative wall designs and decking choices.

Swimming Pools Designs: Below Ground:


Molded fiberglass reinforced plastic is used to construct fiberglass pools. Pools made of fiberglass are installed in the ground and can last for many years. A fiberglass swimming pool resembles a huge bathtub in terms of construction.

Consider these fibreglass pool facts:


After yard excavation, the swimming pool will be delivered and set up in its entirety in your yard. The average build period is roughly two weeks long.


When compared to concrete inground pools, fibreglass pools are normally more expensive to acquire, but can save you money over the lifespan. For the simple reason that they require fewer chemicals than concrete pools, this is a good thing. Re-plastering and liner replacement costs can be avoided.

Shock absorbent: 

Assuming that Earth moves, what happens? As a result of its shock-absorbing properties, fibreglass can be bent up to 2 feet. There are, however, new concrete construction processes that will allow concrete to bend in the future. Remember to ask your dealer about the advantages and disadvantages of fibreglass and concrete construction if you reside in an earthquake-prone area.


Since the water chemistry in a fiberglass shell is not altered, you can use less acid. It is due to the pool’s non-porous surface, which means you don’t have to brush it nearly as often as you would a plaster-finished concrete swimming pool. On the other hand, a pebble-finish concrete pool does not need to be touched as often as a plaster-finish pool, so when comparing the two, make sure you are comparing apples to apples.


You can save money by installing a vinyl-lined pool, even if the liner needs to be replaced every ten years or so.

In most cases, a vinyl-lined swimming pool is sent as a kit from the manufacturer. A concrete footing is needed at the bottom of the panel walls once they have been excavated. The vinyl liner covers the excavated floor and the panelled walls of the swimming pool. A vinyl rib on the outside edge of the liner connects it to the top of the panel walls. Be sure to find out how often your liners need to be updated in your location. Vinyl-lined swimming pools typically take one to three weeks to build.

Here are a few vinyl pool design ideas to consider.:

Smooth Surface:

To make stain removal easier, it has a smooth and non-porous surface.


There are many cold-weather parts of the country where vinyl-lined pools are popular. By draining the pools and covering them until the spring, these pools may be readily winterized.


Additionally, concrete in-ground pools are very common due to their large size and no need to change the liner.

Concrete pools are built according to your specifications by the pool builder that you choose. Most in-ground swimming pools are made from this material, and the initial construction costs less than a fiberglass pool. To build a concrete pool in stages, you’ll need to do everything from pool layout and excavation to steel and plumbing installation, equipment set-up, gunite (or shotcrete) application to tile and coping installation to interior finish installation. The construction of these pools takes longer than fiberglass pools, but they have virtually limitless shapes, sizes, and designs available. A concrete swimming pool typically takes three to twelve weeks to build.

What to know about concrete swimming pools

Weather Resistant: 

In-ground concrete pools, according to several swimming pool contractors in Dubai, work well in locations with extremely hot summers. Some are of opinion that concrete works better in areas where the soil is loose than in areas where the soil is compact.         


Compared to fibreglass pools, the initial cost of installing a concrete pool is far lower. A concrete pool may be the ideal option for you if you want an in-ground pool but want to save a good amount of money upfront.


Fiberglass and concrete are both extremely stable materials. The soil composition and climate in your area will have an impact on both types of materials.

Variety of Finishes:

Plaster, paint, and stones are just a few of the interior finishes offered. As a result, you have a variety of options to choose from, depending on your budget and desired design.

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