Choosing Id Card Printer And Maintenance To Avoid Breakdown

Choosing Id Card Printer And Maintenance To Avoid Breakdown

Why Purchase an ID Card Printer?

Regardless of what they do or how many people a business employs, ID Card Printers in Dubai are integral to many businesses. Having your card printing equipment and operating it can give you peace of mind. You can completely manage all aspects of the ID card designing, printing and distribution process from start to end when you have your id card printer. A third party never touches your data, card stock, and printing equipment.

However, some business owners are still undecided about whether or not to invest in High Quality Id Card Printer In UAE offices. Some of the benefits of owning an ID card printer to help you make an educated selection.


You can restrict day-to-day access throughout your facilities in various ways, thanks to the convenience of card manufacture. You can use multiple card types to identify who is a guest and an employee quickly. This makes it simple to locate who is gaining access to your organization’s areas. Some cards can be immediately programmed using a printer with an encoding mechanism. This makes it physically impossible to reach sensitive regions without swiping a card with the proper level of approval, allowing you to restrict access further. You can adjust to any security challenge as soon as it arises if you can program or reprogram these cards daily.


The ease of use is one of the essential characteristics of ID Card Printer in UAE. Most routine maintenance, such as print head cleaning and ribbon replacement, is simple and can be done by yourself. After sale service experts and software specialists are always ready to lend a helping hand, so that you don’t have to be scared by the most modern technology. They also provide you with basic training and orientation to machine troubleshooting.

Cost Savings

Purchasing an High Quality Id Card Printer In Dubai entails a significant outlay of funds, as most ID card printers are neither inexpensive nor free. However, the investment would be worthwhile, especially if you have a large company or group that requires ID printing on a regular basis. When you analyze the costs and compare outsourcing your printing needs to producing your own identification cards, you’ll be shocked to see that the latter is significantly less expensive.

Cardline is a leading ID card printer supplier in the United Arab Emirates. We provide all major brands of ID card printers in UAE, such as EVOLIS, HID Fargo, and others, to help you improve your security and business credibility by providing highly secure and economical ID card printers.

Cleaning and maintaining your ID card printer machine on a regular basis is a good way to avoid print head failure. Especially for printers who employ the direct-to-card technique of printing. Because of this print technology setting, the printer print head barely touches the PVC or plastic card surface.

Imagine that if you don’t maintain your card printer on a regular basis, particles will get trapped between the card and the dye film and be dragged by the print head continuously during the printing process, causing physical damage or scratches to the print head element. A physical scratch in the print head will result in a white straight line across the card’s printout from edge to edge.

Not only will the damage waste your time, effort, and consumables – dye films and cards used in the manufacturing of your IDs – but it will also waste your money. The print head is the heart of your ID card printer, accounting for 30 to 40% of the machine’s cost. Physical damage to the print head is normally not covered by warranty, thus replacement will be very expensive. The problem will cause your card issuing to be halted, thereby disrupting your business flow. Regular maintenance of your Best ID Card Printer in Dubai is critical; doing so will preserve the printer’s functionality, quality, extend its life, prevent any potential damage, and ensure that your ID issuance runs smoothly. A classic analogy is that owning an ID card machine is similar to owning a car; without proper maintenance, the vehicle may become faulty and the engine may break down; even worse, an accident may occur. As a result, we don’t allow this to happen during the machine’s normal maintenance. Your ID card system could be thrown into disarray if you follow the wrong process.