Common Sleep Disorder &Diagnosis of Underlying Health Conditions

Common Sleep Disorder &Diagnosis of Underlying Health Conditions

Sleep disorders are the most common health condition people face in the contemporary age. People usually ignore these problems and ignore sleep issues; they take pills and sleep. However, persistent use of sleeping pills will lose the ability to induce the desired sleep cycle that an average person should daily have.If the sleep disorders are left undiagnosed for a more extended period, you risk complicating the underlying conditions, which pose serious health risks. To check these conditions and address all the disorders,  and ailments locate the best neurologist doctor in Dubai. A highly qualified and experienced doctor has the right experience and knowledge to diagnose complicated health conditions. The doctor needs a complete medical history of the patient and thorough diagnostic testing of various natures to pinpoint the underlying health problems and neurological disorder diagnosis.It is a good habit to track the sleep patterns and note small details; the accurate account will be helpful for the doctor. A small diary to record these details and summarize the whole routine will come in handy for that purpose.Your family member can help report other issues that you may have noticed, like abnormal snoring, etc. If a patient consumes excessive alcohol, tobacco or is addicted to any other type of drug, a family member or spouse should report this to the doctor. It will help the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis of the underlying diseases.


Polysomnography is a sleep study and an essential technique of diagnosis for sleep disorders. Electroencephalography (EEG) is the electrophysiological monitoring of electrical activity on the scalp. Different devices like EEG, EOG, EMG, and ECG monitor bodily functions relating to the heart, eyes, body muscles, skeleton, and peripheral oxygen saturation with pulse oximetry. The medical devices monitor different sleep stages, which help doctors interpret the conditions.

Overnight Oximetry

It is a test sometimes recommended with Polysomnography or alone. It is helpful to measure the blood oxygen saturation levels and helps diagnose Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Difficulty in breathing during apnea episodes can be very dangerous; OSA is a serious medical condition and makes routine restorative sleeps impossible. The OSA patients feel drowsy at work, fatigue, dizziness, etc. Low blood oxygen levels can strain the cardiovascular system, and patients can have high blood pressure levels during sleep. For dizziness treatment in Dubai

Sleep is critical for the human body to function normally. All our bodies and organs are active during the day operating to their full potential. While in sleep, our body rests and restores itself after staying active all day long. Having a good quality sleep for a healthy man depends upon several factors. During diagnosis, neurologists must examine these factors to whether any abnormality exists or anything is missing. These factors may include your body posture during sleep. It is a position where your body is at its best resting position with the highest degree of comfort. The place and environment where we sleep are also important. The furniture must be comfortable.

Sleep issues are everyday things every one of us, regardless of occupation, gender, and age, every other person has his share of sleep problems. Chronic issues, the important thing is that they may not be persistent and should go by themselves. Having thesleep difficulty may be alarming to many, but we can leave and manage it usually as long as we know its nature and have it under our control. It is the reason that we should seek a consultation with the best neurologist in Dubai. Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma is a renowned neurologist with invaluable experience of several years; he has extraordinary credentials.

Common sleep ailments can be diagnosed accurately with the help of modern testing equipment. The treatment of these sleeping disorders and conditions can make the quality of sleep and life better. Ailments such as Insomnia, Accurate Diagnosis of Narcolepsy, or Sleep apnea is possible if you give an accurate and detailed account of the problem. Diagnosis of other sleep and neurological disorders such as sleep paralysis, sleepwalking, and night terrors can help treat. For ADHD treatment in Dubai, diagnosis and for treating Dementia in Dubai visit page

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