Considerations for a Commercial Pool Replaster

Considerations for a Commercial Pool Replaster

Do you know what you’re receiving when you ask for bids for pool replastering? For each phase of your commercial pool project, there are some critical areas to concentrate on. Remember that if you don’t ask for specifics, you’ll get whatever the swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai wants to bid on, usually the lowest product and process available to be the most competitive. Some of the most important “need to know specs” for ensuring quality, compliance, and value for money.

Electrical Safety

A primary concern is an ideal time to inspect your pool or spa for any electrical situations, such as stray electrical current in the water caused by swimming pool lighting or other pool equipment. To avoid electrocution, metal goods throughout the swimming pool or spa system, including handrails, rails, pool equipment, and any metal fixture within 5 feet of the water, should be suitably bonded. Even so, it’s usually a good idea to include a safety assessment, including electrical, in the bid submission. Pool Designers Dubai design the swimming pools so that the electrical installations are not susceptible to electrocution because it is one of the most hazardous aspects.

Pool Shell Preparation

It’s crucial how the old pool plaster surface is prepared to accommodate the new cover. The swimming pool contractors in Dubai recognize several methods of pool shell preparation. The reason is to create a solid foundation for the new plaster to attach to. Preparation is often more important than the quality of the plaster, similar to how you would prepare a surface for painting. The following are the common methods:

Stripping Old Plaster off Gunite Shell

The stripping process is the most popular since it is quick, inexpensive, and has a good bonding record. On the other hand, Stripping is strictly prohibited by pool engineers since it weakens the pool shell, exposes structural steel, and causes microfractures and bruising of the swimming pool shell. Furthermore, this is a rather dusty procedure.

 Sandblasting & Bonding Coat

The sandblast/bond coat procedure is less expensive than stripping and is less invasive to the pool shell, but it has a greater bonding failure rate for fresh plaster. Depending on the bond coat grade used, some contractors for Swimming Pool Refurbishment in Dubai have more success than others. 

Water Jetting

The water jetting gives you the best bonding platform for the new plaster. The high water pressure carves out to the original gunite or will leave such a rough profile on the old application that the new character has the best chance for long-term bonding. Gunite and shell injuries are avoided with water jetting, which is also dust-free. Water jetting is relatively more expensive, and fewer swimming pool repair services Dubai have water blast technology.

Plaster Materials

Over the previous 10-15 years, plaster surface materials have changed. Because of its inexpensive cost, simple white plaster is still widely used, but it is the softest and most easily scratched by vigorous water chemistry and chemicals. For commercial pool applications, it’s worth considering substituting the smooth white marble aggregate in conventional plaster with a much more rigid and more lasting white quartz aggregate. Furthermore, adding a “modifier” to the cement modifies it chemically, making it less soluble and more durable. In the same water conditions, adding quartz aggregate and a modifier combined will practically increase your pool surface life expectancy from 10 to closer to 15-20 years. Most quartz finishes will raise the price by 20% to 30% over regular plaster; therefore, factor this if you consider the entire cost of ownership for the project rather than just the price.

Start-Up Procedure

The substantial filling and start-up step occur once the pool has been coated. Filling with water occurs immediately after the last set of the plaster since it needs to be “pond cured” underwater. Calcium hardness, PH, and total alkalinity must all be immediately and effectively corrected in the fill water. Water can dissolve or remove essential calcium compounds from the plaster surface, shortening its life expectancy if correct and appropriate changes are not performed.

Commercial pools must follow strict guidelines to pass inspections and ensure the safety of the people who will use the pool. Make sure you consider the elements described above in the context of your priorities to get the most value for your money. Beautiful Garden is a swimming pool construction Dubaicompany that offers pool repair & maintenance services, and it is also one of the leading landscape maintenance companies in Dubai.

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