COPD: Important Things That Patients And Caregivers Must Know

COPD: Important Things That Patients And Caregivers Must Know

COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease affects millions all over the world every year. Therefore, it is important to understand this disease, its effects, complications, and the best treatment options like COPD Ayurvedic Treatment. Let’s begin with some basics.

What Exactly Is COPD?

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is another name for emphysema and chronic bronchitis. There are several causes that result in this disease, the most notable ones include:
1.Exposure to irritants
2.Inhalation or contact with allergens
3. Sudden exposure to cold climate
Constant exposure to pollutants in suffocating working conditions like mines, tunnels, etc.
4. Cigarette smoke

The common signs of COPD include shortness of breath, production of mucus, and wheezing. The list of symptoms is pretty long but they vary from person to person, one person may experience shortness of breath while the other may have a problem exhaling air. Most COPD patients face such problems upon little exertion like getting upstairs, while carrying groceries, dusting or cleaning their room, etc.

Why You Shouldn’t Take COPD Lightly?

Smoking and pollution are two of the biggest culprits of COPD, however, nonsmokers and people living in clean air can also develop the problem. Long term exposure to any kind of respiratory allergens can play a huge role in the development of COPD. It is very much similar to how passive smokers get cancer. A lot of people don’t even realize the symptoms of COPD till the damage reaches to an irreparable level. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on people who seem vulnerable to respiratory disorders.

If you see or note even the smallest symptoms, you must visit the doctor immediately and get the tests done. Don’t make the mistake of waiting for symptoms to get worse as it may prove fatal for some patients. Get the best COPD Ayurvedic Treatment as soon as possible. Early diagnosis or detection of the disease might help in better management and eradication of the disease.

What Is It Like To Live With COPD?

Most patients who suffer from COPD have to flex their routines in an unnatural way. Many patients need to delay their baths, small trips around the home, groceries, etc because even the smallest of exertions give them uncontrollable coughing and wheezing. Some patients also experience periodic “flare-ups” of coughing, shortness of breath and other such symptoms. In short, life is neither easy nor restful for people who suffer from COPD.

What Should COPD Patients Know About This Problem?

Patients should know that it is a treatable and manageable disease. It is crucial to understand that on-time diagnosis and treatment are very important as longer exposure to this problem makes the patient more vulnerable to lung cancer. Therefore, patients diagnosed with COPD need to be very cautious and should undergo regular checkups to know the extent of the disease. Also, you must try to include some home remedies and yoga in your routine to alleviate the symptoms and slowly increase your immunity. Simple breathing exercises can help improve your overall breathing process, respiratory system and blood circulation.

Is There Any Natural Treatment Option?

While modern medicine has its own therapies, medication and processes to deal with this problem but most of them are full of heavy chemicals that lead to unimaginable side effects and damages. Ayurveda, on the other hand, offers a natural treatment for COPD that manages the problem through simple natural processes and provides lasting relief without any issues. The COPD Ayurvedic Treatment includes a detailed diagnosis, detoxification procedures, medication, post-treatment processes, diet changes, and lifestyle modifications.

Then there are some simple Ayurvedic home remedies you can use to strengthen your system and keep coughing and breathing problems to a minimum. It is to be noted though that home remedies and breathing exercises are supplementary treatment procedures, they are no substitute for therapies and medication. They only work to provide some extra support to improve your condition. Also, the patients must try to stick to the new diet regimen and avoid intake of anything that may worsen the symptoms.

Lastly, you must include breathing exercises in your routine as they will detoxify your respiratory system and restore its natural health. Keep your medicines on but practice deep inhalation and exhalation on a regular basis.

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