Do You Have to Bite Down on Bite Ramps Procedure?

If you’re considering invisalign braces, then you’ve probably noticed that they have little plastic bite ramps between the brackets and your teeth. At first glance, it might seem like these bite ramps are just to help you get used to having something in your mouth; in fact, though, they serve an important purpose.

Things You Don’t Need

While bite ramps are a handy feature for dentures, they aren’t absolutely necessary and many denture wearers don’t bother with them. In fact, most people have no problems using their dentures without bit ramps at all. Sure, you may find yourself shifting your jaw and tongue around a little when you first use your new smile enhancers—but most of us can learn to adapt quickly. Also, if you’re eating solid foods, there won’t be any extra movement involved in using or not using bit ramps.

What Is a Bite Ramp?

The Invisalign bite ramp is a clear plastic arch that sits directly in front of your teeth. It’s an integral part of most invisalign treatment plans and typically remains in place for two weeks at a time—after which you’ll have new aligners made with improved shape and fit. If you don’t wear your bite ramps, it can cause discomfort as well as inhibit effective invisalign treatment. For example, if your aligners do not fit properly, you may experience pain or difficulty chewing food. Consult with your dentist if you are experiencing discomfort from wearing your aligners; they may recommend different types of aligners or additional treatment options to meet your needs.

Why Would I Want One?

Although bite-aligners do a great job of straightening teeth and can really help you feel better about your smile, they aren’t necessary. In fact, if you’re not comfortable with them, or can’t tolerate them for long periods of time, you may be happier going with traditional braces instead. Invisalign is a little different than traditional braces because you don’t have as much say in how they fit (besides getting used to them), so it may be hard to stay motivated when you first start wearing your invisalign trays—especially if they hurt! To make sure that doesn’t happen and get through treatment more quickly, try biting down on an invisalign bite ramp before each tray placement.

How To Get One

Invisalign bite ramps are a great way to get used to moving your new Invisalign trays and creating a natural chewing pattern for your teeth. While you don’t have to actually bite down on them, it’s recommended that you do so in order to ensure that your teeth are moving as planned. If you find yourself clenching when wearing your trays, it could be because you aren’t getting used to moving around with them. ideally, they should only be worn during bedtime or bathroom breaks when taking out trays.

Where Can I Buy A Bite Ramp Kit?

Vis-A-Vis offers an entire kit specifically designed for Invisalign patients. While it’s important to note that not every Invisalign user will necessarily need a bite ramp, most orthodontists do recommend that you use one if your aligners are ever causing pain or discomfort when you eat. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to have a backup so you can always be prepared! You can buy Invisalign bite ramps from The Orthodontics here . For those of you who live outside and aren’t able to visit their office, there are plenty of other options available online.

How Much Should I Expect To Pay For a Bite Ramp Kit?

There are quite a few factors that will affect your cost when it comes to bite ramp kits. Some places you buy from will charge more than others, and shipping will also play a big role in price. Weighing all of these factors together, it is possible for an entire set of bite ramps kits to be anywhere from $75 – $175. One brand that has gained popularity over recent years is Daniel’s Dentistry, and they have an excellent introductory kit which could range in price from about $50 – $80 depending on where you shop for them (and what kind of promotion they’re running). If you’re just trying out bite ramps for your first time, we suggest checking out their kit as it includes everything you need at a very reasonable price.

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