Enjoy a seamless Wi-Fi signal through the Rockspace extender ac750 setup

Wireless transmission for the larger areas requires a Wi-Fi range extender. A Wi-Fi range extender functions as a repeater to enhance your wireless signals. You must have been fed up with the problem of Wi-Fi dead zones in your home. Here choosing a wireless extender like Rockspace extender ac750 setup is the best option. Primarily your Re.rockspace.local range extender works at 2.4 G band. Here, it provides the full signal range with a transfer speed of 300 Mbps. Your Rockspace local AC750 extender has dual-band connectivity. That is why it increases your wireless speed and boosts your home network. To set up your Rockspace wireless range extender with a repeater, you need a WPS setup method. For this, your router and the range extender should have a WPS button on them. In the following process, we will discuss the WPS setup in detail.

Rockspace extender ac750 setup via WPS method

  1. Find a WPS button on your router and the Rockspace local extender. 
  2. Press this WPS button on your extender for a few seconds, not more than 30.
  3. As you see the blinking blue LED light on your range extender, go to your router.
  4. Press the same WPS button on your range extender for 30 seconds.
  5. As you see the blue LED on your device, leave the devices for some time.
  6. Now your Rockspace Wi-Fi extender is connected to the router’s network.

What are the requirements for the Rockspace wifi extender setup?

  • Get a Rockspace extender ac750 setup device.
  • Username and password for the extender login Dashboard
  • You can get the login details on your range extender.
  • You can use your default login details only if it has not been modified.
  • If you have changed the Rockspace local login details, use the one that you have modified.
  • A configuration device like a computer and laptop

What are the default login details for the Rockspace Ac750?

Before proceeding to the Rockspace WI-FI extender setup process, know your login details. Rockspace https://ap.setup credentials are necessary for the setup and login. We all get a user manual with any Wi-Fi networking device we purchase from the market. But it is too lengthy to go through it. So here, we provide the entire details that we need to set up a range extender. 

Default login web URL: – It is Re.rockspace.local, ap.setup, or

Default login username: – Not applicable. Leave this field blank while setup.

Rockspace local login password: – By default, it is ADMIN. But you need to create a fresh one during your first time login.

Once everything is ready, you can set up your device by following the guided instructions given below.

Let us do the Re.rockspace.local Wi-Fi extender configuration

To configure your Rockspace local Wi-Fi extender to the device, follow the steps, as we have described in the following way. These are the essential steps to configure your extender. A step-by-step process will lead you to the Rockspace extender login page.

Steps to login into the Rockspace extender ac750 setup

In this setup process, we will go through the Ethernet Cable setup. It is the most reliable setup and gives 100% accurate results. So we advise all the Re.rockspace.local login users to go through the Ethernet cable setup for their router and the range extender.

  1. First of all, use an Ethernet cable to connect a configuration device to your extender.
  2. After that, open a web browser on your Wi-Fi setup device, 
  3. And then, enter the Rockspace extender login details. 
  4. Here, you need to enter the web URL
  5. Or you can utilize the web address re.rockspace.local in the address bar. 
  6. Now you will receive the ap.setup login page open up. 
  7. Here, you need to enter the login credentials of your extender.
  8. You will find the details on the box of the Rockspace extender AC750 setup. 
  9. Upon logging in, you can access your extender setup page. 
  10. Now tap on the extender option to continue the setup procedure. 
  11. Apart from the above steps, follow the on-screen instructions that you see.
  12.  And now, you will get guidance on how to set up the wifi extender. 
  13. The on-screen instructions that you receive on your screen will help you with setup. 
  14. Next, click on the Save button before you leave this page. 
  15. It is necessary to apply the changes. 
  16. Once you are done, shift your range extender to the desired place. 

Unplug the Rockspace extender ac750 setup device and bring it to the new location. Make sure the place is halfway between your router and the dead signal spots. After that, plug in the extender, and connect the client devices to your range extender. Do not forget to check whether you can access the internet in the dead network spots from the extender.