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Erectile Dysfunction – Causes and Cures

Erectile Dysfunction, also known as ED (also called Impotence) is usually view as a man’s inability to create or keep the intimate erection (of his penis) in time enough to allow sexual relationships.

It could also be a sign that you are suffering from other diseases that could cause death. Let’s take a look at ED how to treat it and how damaging it could be for your overall health.

The Roots of ED

There are a variety of causes Some are psychological, others are physical.

The psychological issues can be address in a variety of different ways, however, the physiological ones can be a sign of an additional body malfunction or issue that may be of a serious nature and require medical treatment.

The reasons for this may be identified if there are no normal erections while sleeping. The average man has 6 erections in a single night, with one early in the morning, when the testosterone levels reach the highest.

If, however, these menstrual erections don’t appear they could be a sign of a heart condition, diabetes or hypogonadism.

Hypogonadism refers to the unacceptably lower levels of testosterone in a man’s system. This will impact the testicles and diminish or completely eliminate the need for an erection.

Tests to Find out Ed

If you think you might be suffering from ED and you suspect that you have Erectile Dysfunction, visit an expert doctor. He will start by checking your blood for hypogonadism, diabetes, and prolactinoma.

Doctors will check your heart for any cardiovascular issues like peripheral vascular diseases as well as coronary artery disease. The doctor will determine if you are living a healthy lifestyle, check how much weight is right,

and confirm your general health.

Simplest Test

The best method to find out whether the cause of your ED is a result of a physiological or

psychological cause is to check if don’t ever experience an erection, or if you do (however it is rare). If you do experience an erection it is likely that the cause is likely to be psychological in nature.

If not, you may have another reason that is preventing you from getting the erection,

and it will require urgent medical care.

The Current Treatment for ED

Treatment for ED will usually begin with testosterone if the doctor knows there is a hormone imbalance. If there was an illness such as diabetes, there might have been damage to Penis’s blood vessels. The treatment of diabetes is crucial regardless of the cause and some of the Fildena CT drugs liste below work in intercourse, but they are not the cure.

ED is treated now with oral medications (such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra) as well as injecte or even in the form of penile suppositories. All of these will improve the effectiveness of the use of Nitrous Oxide (NO).

NO dilates blood vessels of the corpora cavernosal in the penis. This permits engorgement and then the erection. Other treatments include injections of Atropine into the erectile tissues that form the shaft of pension. The oral apomorphine is now available too.

There are also several herbs that help to increase NO levels and circulation, allowing more blood flow to the penis and producing an erection.

Natural herbs for curing ED

The top three are:

Ginseng along with Ginkgo Balboa. These were used for hundreds of years by the Chinese to increase libido. They provide excellent body tonics.

Finally, L Argennine – Known as the natural Fildena Super Active consumes 2,000 mg daily. Through tests, it was confirmed that the majority of men who used this Fildena XXX drug experienc an increase in sexual desire and had better sexual erections.

Additionally, there are procedures that require surgical intervention, for instance, implanted penile (both inflatable and permanently). There are specific vacuum pumps available and will (with the help of an elastic band) maintain a semi-erection for around 30 minutes.

It is strongly advised that if you suspect you may have ED consult your physician immediately,

since it may be a sign of something different. For more information: Himsedpills

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