Everything you need to know about gender affirmation surgery

Everything you need to know about gender affirmation surgery

Gender Affirmation Surgery: What is involved in the treatment?

Being happy and content with how you look and feel about yourself is essential. With the gender change surgery, those who don’t feel like themselves the way they have their sex assigned at birth can make a difference in their life. The sex-change surgery helps them get one step closer to feeling positive about themselves in all the right ways. Moreover, the availability of different options makes a difference, like hormone therapy and surgery. To ensure you seek all the correct information and everything is managed most effectively, you need assistance from a medical expert.

What are the essential steps to follow before gender change surgery?

Having an understanding of everything regarding the procedure is essential. Indeed! There are many steps involved in making the journey of Male to female or vice-versa go with utmost ease and perfection. Some of the necessary steps that are worth considering to make the surgery have a higher success rate are:

  • Get proper mental health evaluation
  • Make sure all the required documentation is done
  • Real-life test where they need to understand their social and professional responsibility

So, taking every step with utmost caution is essential if you are about to take the first toward the female into Male or Male into the female trans journey.

Hormone therapy allows the transition phase to carry out without surgery

Under hormone therapy, there are all different options included, like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. In many cases, the individual seeks hormone therapy for at least one year before starting their gender change surgery phase. The primary purpose of hormone therapy is to allow the individual’s physical appearance to look like what they consider their gender is.

The effect of hormone therapy does take time to notice, especially in the case of breast development. Make sure to discuss when you can see the necessary change in the body.

Please Note!

Hormone therapy does have its effect on the body in different ways. It’s like experiencing all the necessary body changes that allow individuals to feel confident about themselves.

Sex change surgery: Top & Bottom Surgery

Transforming is a phase in itself. Those planning to begin this phase need to understand that the surgical approach is divided into top & bottom surgery. Depending on where you would like to notice the change, the necessary surgery is done:

Top surgery for gender change

  • Breast augmentation
  • Facial feminization
  • Nose surgery
  • Jaw surgery
  • Chin reduction
  • Cheekbones
  • Lip lift
  • Alteration to hairline
  • Male pattern hair removal
  • Reduction of Adam’s apple
  • Voice change surgery

Bottom surgery for gender change

  • Removal of the penis (penectomy) & scrotum (orchiectomy)
  • Vagina and labia creation

Does the quality of life get better after gender change surgery?

Undergone sex-change surgery does make the trans individual life better and happier. One of the studies has shown that individuals live a good life in around 90% up to 100%.

Do you have any doubts?

Schedule your initial consultation at Vj’s Transgender Clinic to better analyze the entire process and get clarity over everything.

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