5 Interesting Things Nobody Told You about Your Roof

5 Interesting Things Nobody Told You about Your Roof

Your roof is not just a metal structure that connects the ends of your walls to provide you with a closed space. More than a structure, it is a shield that keeps you protected from the harsh environmental and societal factors. Hence, it is essential to connect with the best metal roofing contractor in Fairbanks to get your roofing done. At the same time, you should be aware of a few things about your roof.

In this blog, you will get to read 5interesting things about your roof that they didn’t tell you about. Most people don’t know these things as they never got an opportunity to discuss these with a shingle roofing contractor. While they might not be able to do so, you are definitely the lucky one to get them all in a single blog post. So, here you go:

Their lifespan

Let’s start with asphalt roofs. Asphalt roofs are notorious for not giving value for money – a complete myth! The fact is: they can easily last for around 15 years. If the climate is mild, their lifespan may increase by another 10 years.

Metal and slate roofs are quite durable with 50+ years’ lifespan, which makes them the best option for roofing. At the end, what really matters is quality. Becareful while choosing a contractor. That’s all you need to do to get thebest roof.

Why that attic ventilation is there

It is there for a reason. Have you heard people talking about how roofs breathe? In case you have, the attic ventilation is there for the same reason. Its purpose is not to allow your roof to breathe but to let the hot or cold air pass and stop it to entering your happy area.

The best roofing material to install

There is no best or worst that applies everywhere. Based on the style of your house, the color you refer, the climate of your location, and several other factors, your best may be different from your friend’s best.

In general, metal roofs are preferred the most – for all the right reasons. They offer the best durability, have the most color options, look every bit of attractive, and provide the best value for money. But again, your best can be highly individual, and that’s alright.

Cleaning is essential

Just the way you clean your home, you are supposed to clean your roof, too. It is crucial to do so to discourage mold development and avoid ‘too frequent’ maintenance and associated charges. A mix of bleach and water will do the job.

Never miss the inspection part

Once a month will be more than enough – that’s what the experts say. But giving it a complete miss will not work. Delay doing it for a year or so, and then cry about having to pay hefty maintenance and repair bills – the choice is yours.

The tip is to inspect your roof visually every month even if everything looks fine and there is no leakage. By doing so, you can spot the early deterioration signs and take steps to mend them.

In a nutshell

Most people looking for residential roofing in Fairbanks consider it to be just another task, which is not the right thing to do. Your roofing plays so many roles. On one hand, it is your bespoke caregiver that offers reliable protection from rain and sun; on the other hand, it is the reason you call your residential space your home. The above things will surely help you know more about the roof you have over your head right now and feel more connected to it!