5 must sought-after tourist spots in Dubai

5 must sought-after tourist spots in Dubai

Dubai is a hotspot for tourists and million visits every year to enjoy its splendor and beauty. It is a home of modern architecture, stunning skyscrapers, extravagant shopping malls, vibrant social life, and exuberant fun places to visit. There are many tourists spots and fun activities that will never leave tourists to get bored on their Dubai tour. You can seek the services of tourist groups to arrange for the tour of the city if you are running short on time or can explore Dubai yourself if have enough time. In this post, we will share 5 places and activities that you must try while visiting Dubai.

Desert Safari

If you are in for a thrill and adventurous activities, then go for Desert safari tours in Dubai. The presence of a vast Desert benefits UAE attracting more tourists every year. The desert, which is spread along with cities, has become a launching pad of extreme sports, crazy drives, traditional camel rides, and so much more. You will find a number of vehicles such as dune buggies, quad bikes, hummers, for quicksand bashing in the desert. Whether you want to enjoy a bustling desert in the evening or are interested in the Morning desert safari dubai to enjoy the serenity and calmness, Desert Safari must be part of your Dubai trip.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is a reason why you must plan a trip to Dubai. It is one of the largest shopping malls in the whole world in terms of the total area it covers, It features a luxury hotel, 22-screen cinema, retail shops, vast parking lot, underwater zoo, kid theme park, haunted house, and so much more. You can spend an entire day in the mall without getting bored even for a minute. The shopping experience in the mall is one of its kind and you will find leading retail brands in the world. It also features top-notch restaurants and cafes that are famous for their exquisite and tasteful food.

Al Fahidi Fort

Al Fahidi Fort narrates the long history of the region and about certain rulers that were considered big names in their time. Located closer to Dubai Creek, Al Fahidi is a perfect spot to take your family and kids on a learning spree. The fort itself was built around two hundred years ago and has been used for multiple purposes by different rulers. Currently, it houses a large museum that is laced with a rich history of Dubai. The architecture of the museum is quite interesting and has been preserved and renovated beautifully. Plan a trip to Al Fahidi fort to catch a glimpse of old Dubai.

Old Souk

If you are in search of the finest cloth, beautiful jewelry, pure gold, traditional spices, you must visit the old souk area in Dubai. Located in the narrow streets of Bur area of the city, the old souk is a bustling market full of several local stores that are famous for their quality and authenticity. Apart from the old souk in Bur, there are man other souks located in different old areas in Dubai that you can visit.

Dubai Dinner Cruise Marina

If you want to enjoy a lavish dinner in Dubai along with stunning views and a cultural show, the Dhow dinner cruise marina is the best place. To treat the visitors, a lavish dinner is arranged on a wooden vessel that was used in old times to commute to different regions for trading. Since the technology has reduced the use of old vessels, they are put to use for enjoying a lavish dinner in Dubai Marina. As a lavish dinner comprising different dishes from a variety of cuisine along with drinks and music are served for the guests, the vessel roams in the Marina where the cityscape is spread right across you. The place is famous for its mind-blowing views and scrumptious food. Dinner on the Dhow is not to be missed on your Dubai tour.

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