History and Development of Esports in Indonesia!

History and Development of Esports in Indonesia – The world of esports in Indonesia is growing in demand, even many young people now make esports their professional ideals in the future. It is undeniable that the world of esports is quite promising for those who are in it.

If you consider the history of Esports Indonesia, in fact the first competitive match recorded was in 1989. In that year, the city of Surabaya held the Mario Bros. Extraordinary tournament. in the People’s Entertainment Page zone which has now evolved into a Hi-Tech Mall.

E-Sports is Electronic Sports or Electronic Sports in competitive video games. In the past, esports was not known by the wider community, but at this time esports have developed over time and are starting to attract attention.

Many of the community, media, and large companies have started to look at esports because if you look further, there are many benefits that can be taken from this esports phenomenon. Although esports can be said to be just a video game, esports itself has entered the competition from local to global.

Online games allow everyone to play them using the internet network. Everyone can play together even if they are not in the same place. This is where the forerunner of the emergence of esports, the conclusion of which can develop to this day.

At that time, there was also an internet cafe (warnet) which was used by most people to play online games. Esports formally emerged in Indonesia in 1999 which was signaled by participating in online game competitions. Daftar Slot777 Online

There were 2 types of games played in the Game League at that time, namely Starcraft and Quake II. The majority of the participants who took part were internet cafe children who had become proficient in playing Starcraft or Quake II games. A tournament that the internet cafe children never wanted to allow at that time. Situs Slot Pragmatic Play

It was only 3 years after that, namely in 2002, that a tournament which was now renamed Cyber ​​Games took place again. The games included in the competition have now increased to: Brood War, StarCraft, Age of Empires II, Counter Strike and the FIFA World Cup. Situs Judi Slot Online

Esports in Indonesia began to emerge after Eddy Lim, Head of the Universal Indonesia eSports Association (IeSPA), formed the Game League in 1999. The DOTA and Counter Strike games were the first competitive competitions in which there were representatives from Indonesia, although they had not made any achievements. Slot Online Gampang Jackpot

As time goes by, the world of Indonesian esports is growing as internet access continues to expand. Currently, the wider community is very familiar with esports games such as DOTA 2, Free Fire, and Mobile Legends.

Throughout the years facing ups and downs, the growth of esports in Indonesia returned to life in 2018. Where, there have been a lot of mobile-based online game players such as Mobile Legends or PUBG. At that time, the number of players

Mobile games are allegedly reaching 60 million people throughout Indonesia. A tournament with big prizes emerged in Indonesia called GESC Indonesia Minor. This event held a Dota 2 tournament which at that time also became a very popular computer MOBA game in Indonesia. No half-hearted, the prizes given reached 300 thousand USD.

After that, in 2019 there was another tournament that distributed very large prizes, namely Mobile Legends Handal Lague (MPL) Season 4. Moonton as the developer of the Mobile Legends game increased the total prizes to the winners of MPL Season 3.

Mobile Legends has become a very popular game in the past 2 years and has made the esports industry continue to grow rapidly. Other online games such as PUBG Mobile and Free Fire have also been played by many Indonesian gamers.