How Much Does A Removable Partial Denture Cost?

A removable partial denture (RPD) can be a great solution if you’re missing some teeth, and need to replace them as soon as possible. RPDs are effective and cheap alternatives to the more permanent (and much more expensive) fixed partial dentures, which means that you can get your teeth back in less time, with less money spent, and you can eat the way you did before! If you’re looking into getting an RPD, check out our guide on how much does an RPD cost.

The Initial Consultation

Part of what makes getting a removable partial denture (RPD) so expensive is that there are multiple appointments involved. For example, to get an RPD, you’ll typically need two appointments with your dentist and another appointment with an oral surgeon. The total cost will depend on how much are partial dentures work you need done by your dentist and/or oral surgeon, but it’s safe to say that each of these appointments will cost at least $100. You may also have to pay for impressions or other prep work.

The Procedure Takes 3 Hours

The partial denture procedure takes place over three hours and is performed under local anesthesia. Dr. Buckles will first remove any existing teeth from your mouth that are causing an issue and then begin to build up jawbone, depending on what level of support you require. Finally, he will fit your new partial denture into place for you to make sure it fits well. When he’s confident in its placement, you’ll leave with your new partial denture and some antibiotics in case of infection. It’s recommended that you don’t eat solid foods for at least 24 hours after your procedure to ensure healing and prevent choking hazards for yourself or others around you.

A Second Visit May Be Required

After your teeth have been moved and an impression of your new bite has been taken, you’ll return to have dentures custom made. A full set of dentures can take anywhere from two weeks to several months to produce, so plan accordingly. The average cost of removable partial dentures is $1,500-$2,500 in Canada and $1,500-3,000 in America. This will depend on how many teeth you need replaced and whether there are complications during fitting.

Total Costs For A Full Lower Denture

$3,000 to $4,000. This is on average. Your total costs for a full lower denture will depend on factors such as your dentist’s office fees, your location and material costs, among other things. Costs are also subject to change at any time. For example, the price of gold has changed significantly in recent years which can affect dental procedures. In 2006 gold was about $610 per ounce. Now it is about $1,200 per ounce. If you have a partial denture made from gold that means that it would be around $25 less expensive than before the cost of gold went up so dramatically.

Ask About Financial Plans

If you don’t have a dental insurance plan and are considering getting dentures, you should ask about financial plans that your dentist offers. A number of options may be available to help make partial dentures more affordable for you—options like monthly payment plans or interest-free financing can really make it easier to afford partial dentures in general. Talk with your dentist to learn more about what they offer so that you can start planning. (How much do partial dentures cost?) The average cost of removable partial dentures is around $3,000 but the total price varies depending on the type of materials used by the dentist. Metal and acrylics are both cheaper than porcelain when accounting for average pricing across the country. The total price also depends on how many teeth need replacement; most people only need two or three teeth replaced because there is usually space between them for natural teeth to grow into place. However, if you have four missing teeth then you will likely need four false teeth as well which means an average price around $6,000-$7,000.

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