How to Learn Logo Design: An Ultimate Guide

How to Learn Logo Design: An Ultimate Guide

Planning to dive into the field of logo design and holding onto it as your new venture, is a good idea considering the scope and demand of the respective job in the digital and marketing world.  If you are looking for online courses and tutorials, you will find tons of them however, rarely are they within a student’s budget.

Fortunately, there are plenty of sources that offer the same guidance free of charge but it does become a daunting task to figure out which ones are authentic and trustworthy among many.

This is an article that has been divided into sections, covering every small aspect that can help you hold your first rein to get started as a designer. 

  • What and why does a logo design important
  • Creating a brief of a logo design
  • What is a logo design process?
  • Thoroughly Research your ideas
  • Sketching them down on paper
  • Adobe illustrator

What and Why is a Logo Design Important?

The question seems too amateur and often makes us think ‘isn’t it obvious what logo is?’. But there is definitely more to it than it appears.

Logos are the identification and symbol behind a business. It helps customers recognize your brand. Ideally, customers often have a glimpse of the sight of your logo and remember your brand instantly.

A logo that connects with customers is imprinted in their memory and it helps grow the reach of your business.

The name of a business has a higher possibility of people forgetting it but logos that are aesthetic and click with the people are always remembered.

Setting the foundation of a band and grabbing the audience’s attention is what a creative logo does along with making you stand out amongst the competition.

Creating A Logo Design Brief

Before you jump onto the task of creating a logo design for a business or brand you first need to do all the background homework.

Knowing the mission and vision of the brand. The purpose and objectives. A logo is mo0re than just a symbol. It represents what the brand is about and gives insights into what it’s based on.

It speaks for the brand itself and thus the standard is required. That standard and class are not achieved by just coming up with a unique design for a brand.

Knowing the background history and all the background information of the brand, when one looks at it he/she should see that background being represented through the design.

To know an in-depth history of a brand, ask questions, create personal goals and tick them once achieved.

For practice, you can easily find fictional logo design briefs with the help of these following sites,

  • Daily Logo Challenge
  • Brief box
  • LogoCore Logo Challenge

If these sites don’t interest you, you can simply find logos that inspire you and try to recreate them.

You can also find a logo that is in need of a redesign and you can work your way through with the design by following the steps below.

Logo Design Process

This is a known fact that there is no certain or outlined process of designing a logo.

Like every writer is different from the other, every design has its own way and approach to things. You just have to find yours through practice and experience.

Testing different approaches will let you know which one suits you and creating several logos will help you determine your way to making a logo design.

Though there is a basic 5 step process of a logo design and that is,

  1. Set goals
  2. Research
  3. Coming Up with Ideas & Designing
  4. Presenting and Amending
  5. Creating Logo Files

Most designers follow these steps in the beginning and alter their way of working after gaining experience and getting comfortable with the work.

Carry Out an Extensive Research

Again, before you do a jump from a height without having all the information needed. You most likely will fall facedown and hard.

It is essential for a logo designer to have all the information and expectation of the business you are working for.

And it is done by simply asking relevant questions that allow insight into the thing that leads to the establishment of the respective business. Questioning about their mission, goals, and objectives will immensely help in creating your own vision for the logo design.

Not many designers are fond of doing the research and that is why skipping this step is very common and so is getting revision on logos.

Sketching Ideas Down On Paper 

Sketching is another part of creating an excellent logo design. Whatever you get in mind sketch it down and keep amending it.,

If you get multiple ideas, sketch all of them on paper. Do not make the mistake of thinking an idea is absurd and never considering that design. In the end, anything can click with your client.

Sketching ideas on paper gives you unlimited ways and freedom to your imagination to come up with better possible ideas.

It stimulates you to be more creative.

 Learning Adobe Illustrator

 Having ideas on paper looks different than in digital versions. So once all the sketches are made, you will want to transform the logo into a digital version.

Create the file type ‘vector format’ because you can zoom in indefinitely without having any impact on quality. And to create this file you will require Adobe Illustrator.

There are several; free tools that will enable you to create vector format files but adobe illustrator is the standard software that is globally used for designing.

If you don’t know how to use adobe illustrator, there are gazillions of guides that can make you an expert in the field.

 Summing Up

Learning how to design a logo or a website takes time and effort but if done properly, you can definitely ace the job.

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