Is it normal to experience hair shedding after getting a hair transplant?

Is it normal to experience hair shedding after getting a hair transplant?

Hair fall after hair transplant: Is it normal?

Experiencing hair fall in the count of 50 to 100 hair daily is average. However, if it keeps getting higher with time, the severity or extent of hair loss can make it challenging to take the best care of your hair. Ideally, the utmost important factor is to consult a hair restoration surgeon to seek personalized care. Considering the advancement in modern technology, the treatment of Hair Transplant in Punjab is getting the utmost attention. It is categorized as one of those treatment options that help hair growth be permanent and just like existing hair growth. One of the imperative parts is to consider getting a hair transplant and understanding that hair loss is all common after the surgery. 

Why does hair fall occur after hair transplant surgery?

It’s obvious to have that anxious feeling before and after the Hair Transplant in Vizag. Being aware of all the things is essential. One of the critical parts is hair fall after the surgery. That’s how the body responds to the treatment, and it’s completely normal. This scenario is referred to as shock loss.

Additionally, whether you choose to get FUE or FUT, the scalp does get under trauma, and hair loss is common. Hair loss is common to experience after two weeks. Remember that once this phase is over, the hair growth is seen, which you are looking for. So, shock hair loss after the surgery is common, and avoiding the same is not possible in any possible scenario.

Make yourself completely aware of the surgery

Before the surgery begins, the initial consultation is your doorway to better analyze the treatment success rate, technology,  Hair Transplant Cost, aftercare, and all other factors that are effectively examined.

Is it possible to reduce hair shedding after a hair transplant?

As mentioned above, you cannot neglect or avoid getting into the hair shedding phase. But, yes, there are a few measures that you can take to prevent hair shedding after undergoing hair transplant treatment.

  • Medication

It’s possible that the hair restoration surgeon prescribed medications like Minoxidil and Rogaine to deal with hair loss. The given drugs work in managing hair loss and ensuring everything is well-balanced. All in all, its main factor is to control the hair fall factor.

  • Consider the size and timing of hair transplant

A hair transplant is well-considered after struggling with hair loss or starting to have severe hair thinning. Ideally, the hair transplant treatment is considered when hair loss has stabilized, and further hair loss won’t occur. This is why the ideal age to seek a hair transplant is 25 or above. By doing so, the precise number of hair grafts required to boost the surgery’s success is known.

Consult the doctor at the earliest

The most crucial step to analyzing everything and knowing the right approach to hair transplant treatment is to consult the most experienced hair, restoration surgeon. If you want to know anything about the surgery and seek a personalized solution, schedule an initial consultation at ASG Hair Transplant Centre.

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