Is It Possible to Regrow Hair, According to an Expert?

Is It Possible to Regrow Hair, According to an Expert?

Hair loss that causes baldness is a common issue that is gaining momentum faster than any other hair issue. The danger of baldness in human beings increases with many factors. These factors might be genetic, environmental, and others. 

However, the big question is the doubt of the regrowth of the hair. There are various myths and realities associated with this statement. To know if this actually works or not, read this write-up. By the end, you would have a summarised opinion.

Why Does Hair Start Falling?

The first thing is knowing the reasons behind the falling hair. There are a number of reason to describe the damage and some of them are given below:

  • Sometimes, genetics is the vamp causing the damage. If it has been running in the family, it will continue with the family. 
  • A hormone, dihydrotesterone which is a byproduct of the male-characteristics producing hormone, testosterone, clings to the hair follicle and shrinks it. 
  • This damage is more popular in areas like the front hair, crown and temples. This is the reason most of the males lose their hair at the front and back sides.

Androgenetic Alopecia (Permanent hair fall) vs Temporary Hair Fall 

There are two types of hair-fall. While one of the hair falls is temporary. The regrowth of hair has fair chances and hair can regrow sooner or later, depending upon several factors. On the other hand, the permanent hair fall is the real vamp. 

In scientific terms, this hair fall is known as androgenetic alopecia.  When talking about the mechanism of the permanent hair-fall, this happens due to this series of steps:

  • Due to the attachment of dihydrotestosterone to the hair follicle or others, the hair follicles shrink. 
  • This prevents the growth of any hair further, leaving behind the tiny hairs that add no significance to the visible part of the hair scalp.

Questioning the possibility and possible methods for the of regrowth of hair 

Many experts have claimed that not all the losses in alopecia are actually permanent. It may take a while to grow your hair back, with the help of certain methods.  Some of these methods, as per the suggestion of the doctor and experts are:

  • Medication: Many oral medications are useful for the regrowth of hair. One of those medications is finasteride. It works to prevent an enzyme that forces hair loss. 
  • Topical medication: Certain drugs like minoxidil prevent the actual loss of hair by activating the potassium present in the hair follicles. 
  • Herbal methods: Certain medications like sam palmetto ensure the regrowth of new hair. It is an organic remedy and most of the males prefer this one to the medical ones. 
  • Plasma injections: yet another injection to regrow the hair. It involves the extraction of the blood from the patient’s body, extracting the PRP, and injecting it in the patient’s scalp. 

The last method comes in the category of autologous techniques. However, this method is not underused for a lot of patients.

Side effects of plasma hair regrowth surgery 

Since this technique makes use of the patient’s blood to regrow the hair at the site of damage, it triggers some undesired reactions. These are some of the side effects one might that most of the patient’s experience:

  • Tenderness of the hair scalp 
  • Pain at the site of injection 
  • Swelling and itching 
  • Redness and even bleeding at the site of injection 

There might be a number of side effects that one may go through. However, these effects are the ones most commonly seen.

Recovery after hair regrowth surgery 

The side effects of the hair regrowth surgery trigger the need for recovery. On an average, the duration of the recovery period after taking the PRP treatment is 3-7 days. The scope of improvement occurs after 2 weeks of taking this treatment. 

The soreness in the tendons might take a period of 3-4 days to disappear. The recovery of the scalp occurs after 1-2 weeks. However, for ligaments, the recovery period is of a week or 10 days.


The entire idea behind taking the hair regrowth treatments is to generate and compensate for the hair due to temporary or permanent hair loss. While a permanent hair loss has significant hormones, this needs surgery that has been described above. However, temporary hair-falls are the result of conditions like stress and diet.

One should look for a treatment option after looking at the reasons behind it. While considering the nature of factors, one should opt for the right method after consultation. 

For anyone who considers taking the treatment, it is important to know that consultation is important to know of the possible damages. For the best advice upon treatments, prefer talking to the hair and skin clinic DubaiThe best results are obtained when the treatment is assisted by the experts.

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