Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi system setup and configurations

Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi System setup is made up of an Orbi router and satellites. You can get one or more satellites depending upon the model of your router. First of all, download the Orbi app from the app store of your smart gadget. If you do not find the app on your play store, get it from the web page and launch it.

Follow the steps to set up your Orbi Wi-Fi System:

  • If you launch the app for the first time, you will be asked to create a Netgear account. 
  • Your Netgear Orbi login account allows you to register Orbi products, post to the Netgear Community, and can receive email support with other products also.
  • After you log into your account, tap the button “GET STARTED!”
  • After that, click the Enable Camera option AND Scan the QR code. Here, you need to scan the QR code on the sleeve of your Orbi router or base. 
  • And then, you can tap the CONTINUE button.
  • In this step, select your product and the number of Orbi satellites units in your system. Then tap the CONTINUE button.
  • Restart your Modem by powering it on and off. For this, first of all, locate your Modem and tap the CONTINUE option.

Unplug your Modem from the power outlet and again tap the CONTINUE button. Plug your Modem into the power slot and wait for its lights to stabilize. Then tap the CONTINUE option.

Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi System setup process:

  1. Connect the yellow Internet port of your Orbi router to the Ethernet port of your Modem using the Ethernet cable.
  2. Plugin your Orbi router into an outlet using the power adapter that comes with the product.
  3. Now, you need to wait till your Orbilogin device starts up.
  4. The ring LED light on your Orbi blinking white during startup.
  5.  And then it becomes white. The entire procedure could take up to five minutes.
  6. Finally, plug your Orbi satellites into the power outlets.
  7. Keep the satellites in the same room as your Orbi router. 
  8. You should use the supplied power adapters in this case.

You should return to the Orbi app and tap the continue button.

As you see your Orbi router login progress bar, means your router is starting up.

Let us connect to the Orbi router default WiFi system with the following steps:

  1. Open the Wi-Fi settings on your configuration device.
  2. Connect your configuration device to the default Wi-Fi SSID of your router. You will find it on the product label of your Orbi router.
  3. When your configuration device connects to the default Wi-Fi SSID of your router, return to the Orbi app. And then, hit the CONTINUE option.
  4. As you tap the continue button, the Personalize settings page of your router displays.
  5. Tap the NEXT button to get the Create Wi-Fi network page.
  6. Select your Orbi Wi-Fi network name and password. Tap the NEXT button to use these credentials to associate your devices to the Orbi Wi-Fi network.
  7. Now, you can see the Setup Admin Login page on your display.
  8. Select the admin password of your router, and then tap the NEXT option.
  9. These are the same Orbilogin details that you use to access your Orbi router settings.
  10. As an expert, we recommend you choose a password different from your Base Orbi Wi-Fi password.
  11. Again tap the NEXT button to set up the security Questions. They will display here.
  12. Here, you have to select and answer any two security questions from the drop-down menu. And then, tap the NEXT button.

You will use these questions to recover your Orbi router admin page login details if you forget them. If you receive any prompts from your configuration device, allow Wi-Fi networks.

Connect your mobile device to your new orbilogin Wi-Fi network.

  1. After answering the security questions, tap the CONTINUE button.
  2. Now, your Orbi router will check to see if its firmware is up to date.
  3. The entire process can take up to 4-5 minutes.
  4. If you find a new firmware update, tap the UPDATE option to install it.
  5. Tap the NEXT button to place your Orbi satellites in the required locations.
  6. If you need more information on how to place Orbi satellites, contact our support team.

How can I use Google Assistant with my Netgear Orbi app?

You should download the Orbi app before setting up the Google Assistant on your Orbi Wi-Fi router. First of all, download the Orbi app and then enable remote access. For more information, check the prerequisites section before enabling the Orbi Wi-Fi System to work with the Google Assistant.

Link your NETGEAR Orbi account to the Google Assistant follow the descriptions below

First of all, launch the Google Assistant app from a smart device connected to your Orbi router and its Wi-Fi network.

  1. Tap Explore to search for the NETGEAR Orbi router page.
  2. Tap on the NETGEAR result button and hit on the link button.
  3. Now, you will see a Netgear account sign-in page.
  4. Here, you need to enter the Netgear Orbilogin credentials and tap the Sign in tab.
  5. Next, you should tap the Accept button. And your NETGEAR account will link to Google Assistant.
  6. For information about supported commands

You can use two ways to enable Google Assistant on your Orbi. You should use the command “Ok Google, talk to NETGEAR”. And, you can also link your NETGEAR account to the Google Homepage manually. Google Assistant is available in the English language only.