Numbness in Feet and Hands

Numbness in Feet and Hands

Every one of us at has least for once been in a position where our muscles refuse to move or cause immense pain while moving. Or feel a weird sensation in the legs which become painful while moving. This unexplained and sudden stiffness and numbness in muscles is basically a result of causing too much pressure on nerves. Sitting in a weird position for too long and maintaining a bad posture can sometimes lead to pressure on the nerves which later results in the numbness of hands, feet, or legs. It is a common issue faced by many in life. However, those that are already suffering from neurological disorders can face it more than others. Patients with neurological disorders often seek Numbness treatment in Dubai to resolve this issue. However, you can also handle it yourself if it is a mild one. The basic rule is to keep the blood circulation in the arms and limbs intact so the muscles and nerves don’t get too stressed out to become numb. Nearly every renowned and Best neurologist in Dubai recommends adopting a healthy lifestyle to avoid such encounters. For example;

Maintain Posture

Posture habits can cause excessive pressure on nerves in the limbs that may cause numbness, stiffness, inflammation, and so on. Sitting postures such as crossing the legs for too long, sitting on the feet, or wearing tight trousers or pants for a long time. A right posture is key to maintaining your physical appearance and saving the nerves from pressure.

Exercise to stay Active

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle that is unfortunately ignored by some. People that have jobs that make sit for hours should take time out for exercise to keep the blood circulating in every part of the body. If the workload is too much, consider getting up for a 5-minute break after every hour to stretch your body. On the contrary, those that are housebound should also need to involve in healthy activities such as walking, running, or swimming to keep the muscles relaxed and in motion.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is a bad influence that can cast a huge impact on physical health. It can be a driving factor behind the numbness of limbs for long periods. All drinks containing alcohol should be avoided to keep a healthy lifestyle. Instead, opt for fresh natural juices and simple water to stay hydrated and energetic.

Keep away the Stress

Stress is another reason for unexplained numbness of limbs. The constant stress of work or daily life can damage mental health leading to several neurological disorders. Therefore, work on mental health is as important to keep the body relax. Talk to your support system about your thoughts and issues and never hesitate to seek help. If it becomes too much then don’t waste get psychological consultations to keep the stress at bay.

Balanced Diet

Malnutrition can also be a factor behind the frequent numbness of limbs. Daily intake of food which lacks important nutrients can lead to many complications in the body including weakening of muscles, lower blood circulation, and so on. Getting a sufficient amount of nutrients such as vitamins can save the body from experiencing such turmoil.

Sleep Patterns

Irregular sleep patterns can effectively lead to tension in muscles and build stress on the nerves. It is important for any human being to sleep for at least 6-8 hours to let the body rest well.

Know When to Seek Medical Help

If you are experiencing numbness of your legs and feet frequently without any reason in sight, then it is time to seek the opinion of the Best neurologist doctor in Dubai. Delaying or ignoring the frequent numbness is not ideal and one must seek medical help to solve the issue in time.

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