Peeping into the control room and analyzing central monitoring system

Peeping into the control room and analyzing central monitoring system


In the big data era, significant advancement has been made in the security systems related to control rooms. Credit goes to the level of technical inputs that we have been able to provide to our control rooms. For instance, we have upgraded the central monitoring system in Malaysiaand improved our networking capabilities. We have also been able to collect and analyze data from various sources by a process called real-time analytics. This has helped in assisting our decision-making capabilities related to the prediction of attacks.

Peeping into the control room

A control room consists of a control suite which is a group of physical structure systems, resources, and accessories that carry out central monitoring. Different types of controllers and web-based operating systems are used to get an overview of the site that is being monitored. Advanced warning capabilities are an integral part of the operations management software. In addition to this, we also make use of information gathering systems that collect information from local control stations.

The most important component of the control room is the central workstation which is used for coordinating all the equipment on the premises. Finally, highly trained professionals are deployed in the control room as they help in monitoring different processes, coordinating various activities, and synchronizing the effective collaboration between the central workstations and local control rooms.

Deep learning has greatly improved functioning

Different CCTV cameras are installed at various places to keep track of suspicious activities.

The footage of CCTV cameras was analyzed manually as we were devoid of advanced image processing capabilities. With the help of deep learning, we have been able to analyze images with a high level of accuracy and precision. Credit goes to artificial neural networks that have greatly reformed the process of feature extraction.

Functioning of the control room

The functioning of a control room is related to the types of equipment as well as the human resources. It is pertinent for the equipment to be technologically advanced and for human resources to be proficient in their duties. The control room also helps in the deployment of security forces to various access locations that may come under threat. It also helps in monitoring the access control mechanism used and the movement of vehicles. It also keeps the track of various patrolling forces and deploys them in areas of high risk. In this way, the control room collects data related to different events and even helps in reconstructing the footage of an event if required in the future. It also helps in the maintenance of records and resources that may be used for the purpose of investigation and research. The control room also keeps a vigil on arms and ammunition so that these critical resources are kept safe and free from attacks. The control room also acts as a focal point for the local stations and provides them with necessary help as and when required. The channelizing of information to the respondents is also one of the important functions of the control room.

Hierarchical structure

The Global security control room stands at the top of the hierarchy and coordinates with the regional security control room. The regional control room passes on information to the common service center. The common service center is charged with passing on information to the local stations. The local control stations deploy different types of duty officers by acting upon the instructions of the local control room. The security technology executive coordinates with the shift duty officer as well as the operators so that a robust coordination mechanism is maintained around the clock.

Other requirements

There are other requirements that are important when you look at the different functions of the control system. Maintaining online connectivity, sending bulk emails and other tasks related to fax are extremely important functions of a control room. The control room is also charged with the responsibility of executing emergency operations during times of contingency. It also helps in neutralizing different types of threats by providing necessary warnings to the local stations. Consequently, the local stations deploy the necessary security officers to check the activities of the intruders.

The way ahead

The functioning of a control room can be further improved if alarm points and surveillance mechanisms are upgraded. In the future, the deployment of artificial intelligence, machine learning as well as deep learning can help in advanced analytics. This can boost our monitoring mechanism related to the prediction and control of various attacks.