Recipes, In Which You Can Use A2 Ghee

Clarified butter is another name for the dairy product ghee. A2 Ghee made from grass-fed cows is usually a superior option.

Ghee’s abundant nutrients make it one of the healthiest foods to consume. It has plenty of nutrients to strengthen your immune system, including good fats and fat-soluble vitamins. Additionally, Ghee supports healthy bones and a gut.

There are several recipes where you can add A2 Ghee which can boost your immunity and enhance the taste of the foods.

Here are the recipes you can try out using Ghee

1.      Ghee-Roasted Vegetables

Butter-roasted vegetables are a no-brainer. But when you are limited in time, switching from regular butter to nutty and delightful A2 Ghee is a terrific way to add a good amount of flavor. The simplicity of this recipe makes it ideal for a weeknight meal. Even better, you can use any vegetable to make this.

2.      Cookie Recipe with Ghee and Oats

Not only do savory foods call for Ghee, but it also works well in desserts. This oatmeal-raisin with ghee cookie has the ideal melt-in-your-mouth texture and a delicious dose of nutty goodness.

They are chewy, mildly spicy, and hard to resist. Naturally, normal butter will also work in this recipe. However, if you’ve ever had brown butter cookies, you know these are far superior.

3.      Roast Chicken in Ghee

Are you sick of the same old grill chicken? Then it would help if you tried this recipe. Ghee-roasted chicken prepared in the Mangalorean tradition is juicy, luscious, and easy to make.

Additionally, you have the option of marinating the chicken the night before, preparing dinner as simple as throwing it into a pan. It just needs a plain bowl of rice to absorb all those distinct tastes while bubbling away in the exquisite curry.

4.      Mashed Potatoes in Ghee

Butter with mashed potatoes go well together, but why not enhance their flavors?

Traditional mashed potatoes become nutty, savory, and flavorful when A2 Ghee is added. There is also no extra work needed because it is just as simple to make as conventional mashed potatoes.

5.      Shrimp Roast in Ghee

Incredible spices are employed in this shrimp dish with Indian flavor. They transform common meaty shrimp from decent to incredible!

Citrus adds a touch of freshness while also keeping things light and warming your insides. Ghee is a special nutty and roasted flavor that goes incredibly well with Indian flavors and lemon. For a dinner option without carbs, serve over rice or roasted vegetables.

6.      Ghee Cookies with Chocolate Chips

People enjoy cookies with nuts. It’s impossible not to love the flavor, tingle, and crisp texture.

However, nuts can be pricey. So why not use Ghee to simulate that flavor? It’s not just inexpensive and simple, but it’s also the best option for allergy sufferers.

You won’t look back after just one piece of these rich, creamy, and deliciously chewy cookies.

7.      Ghee Cake

This incredibly easy A2 ghee cake is great for a small afternoon treat.

Once more, you can substitute ordinary butter for Ghee. However, the finished version will be delicious. This cake is perfect for you if you want something sweet but not too much. Add some whipped cream and any available fresh fruit to the top.

8.      Ghee Semolina Balls

The perfect way to cap off dinner night is with this traditional Indian sweet.

These balls have a mild sweetness and a nutty, deep flavor. And although they take a little time to produce, the results are well worth the effort.

These are make even better by using toasted cashews in A2 Ghee.

Even though cashews are naturally buttery, the flavor explosion from frying them in Ghee until they are golden brown will leave you wondering.

9.      Caramelized banana oatmeal with Ghee

It’s time to add some flavor if your daily oatmeal routine has gotten boring. This oatmeal is unbelievably filling and sticky with sugar and nuts. Along with a powerful taste punch, this Ghee caramelized banana oatmeal is packed with all the nutrients you need to get your day off to a healthy start.

With A2 Ghee and brown sugar, the bananas you need in this dish are wonderfully golden and caramelized. The cooking time is merely a few minutes, and the materials are probably already in your kitchen.

10.  wholesome sweet potato casserole

The amount of calories in sweet potato casserole is not precisely low. However, the healthier elements are substitute for the harmful ones in this sweet potato casserole. To reduce the amount of fat, you can substitute A2 Ghee for ordinary butter. You can also substitute buttery pecans for sweet marshmallows.


Ghee is a multipurpose food that is use in every Indian home. It can be done by cooking, frying, seasoning, and massaging skin or hair. Regular ghee consumption has countless health advantages. Therefore, to add more taste and nutrition to your diet, utilize A2 Ghee.

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