Relationship-Based Marketing: Best Strategy for Law Firms

Relationship-Based Marketing: Best Strategy for Law Firms

When we speak of tools of persuasion – astute sense, shared values, and amiability are the best qualities a marketer must possess. Modern ad campaignsstill demonstrate the characteristics mentioned earlier; you will note that these tools are still valid as of day one.

Lawyers, however, rely on their excellent sense and demonstration of their legal expertise to persuade potential clients to hire them.However, they usually ignore the other two tools of persuasion that can double the effectiveness of your marketing effort.

You can find many lawyers and advocates in Abu Dhabi who enjoy a good reputation and are very competent at doing their job for any legal work.  It makes it very difficult to choose from many equally qualified professionals, purely based on their ability and competence. This dilemma highlights that only ability and competence are not the sole criteria people consider when hiring thebest litigation lawyers Abu Dhabi. If required, people tend to prefer long-term working relationships with professionals like lawyers, doctors, accountants, etc. these relationships are more productive and mutually beneficial.

Professionals of integrity and high values never put their honor and reputation at stake. These professional values translate into trustworthiness, friendship, and confidence of clientele. When professionalism is doubled with mutual trust and shared values, there is much at stake than the transactional aspect of the relationship; people show care and concern for each other. Relationships based on shared values, and friendliness, there comes the point where professional, business, and personal interests converge. Majid S. Bin Weqaish Advocates & Legal Consultants are corporate and commercial lawyers in Abu Dhabi that offer excellent legal services and consultation to its clients, emphasizing fostering working relationships and nurturing professional and personal growth in a mutually beneficial way.

The key is to create a marketing campaign with a print and electronic advertisement component and individual business development plans that demonstrate the complete personality profileand not just its abilities and achievements. It can help your targeted market segment distinguish your firm and team from other equally qualified professionals and firms. It allows clients to acquainted with your team and enables you to acquire new clients that are a better match to begin with and likely to stay with you for the long term.

Law firms can hire consultants to create unique personality profiles of their lawyers, and then it would be easy to define the firm personality as a whole. Having these profiles defined and communicated can help individual marketing efforts of the staff synchronized with that of the firm eliminating too much ‘off-message’ in the hyper-effective and sensitive world of social media. Each lawyer should project his image in the context of a firm, where no two persons are identical, but they all fit in the firm profile composition.

There are plenty of marketing tools available to marketers, and it is impossible to use them all. A good choice of these marketing tools seeks the compatibility and personal strengths of the marketer.

The professional marketing tools you choose must give you direct access to the decision-makers. If you feel that you cannot find the best medium for your marketing efforts, be creative and reach out to your clients in any way you prefer through social media, networking sites, seminars, workshops, groups, etc. And you will find the right path for yourself to channel your efforts. You can participate in a workshop, create a professional LinkedIn group, and startforum discussions.You can use these tools to narrate experiences and stories, describe problems, and offer possible solutions; you need to engage these potential clients before they need you. The Majid S. Bin Weqaish Advocates & Legal Consultants have thebest family lawyers in UAEfor those seeking counsel for their family disputes.

Sometimes firms arrange events as business development tools. You must be well dressed and well prepared for these events. Other law firms send personalized or random gifts to their clientele. All this shows that you care, remember, and value the relationship between your firm and client. Even the ablest lawyer will have trouble developing quality work if he or she cannot build and sustain trusted relationships that turn into a fruitful business.