Role of Networking in Entrepreneurship: How to Do it Right?

Role of Networking in Entrepreneurship: How to Do it Right?

We are a generation of young people with big dreams in their small eyes. We love to daydream and see things working in our mind. But they won’t turn into reality if the effort is not enough – and not effort alone, it takes strategy too. If you’re planning to make it big, you have to be as big as your plans. One way to do this can be by meeting professionals and creating a network of like-minded individuals.

Building lasting relationships is paramount in the world of business. You get to connect with brainy souls and discuss collaboration opportunities. And, there is no certain rule to get started. You can create your own business networking strategy and go ahead with that. Or, you can try some of the below mentioned ways and wait for fruits:

Leverage the power of social media

Joining a social media platform is the best way to start creating a network. However, you need to remember that business networking is different from social networking. When you connect with people on Facebook, you focus on how they look, how they communicate, and what they think about life, etc. In the case of business networks, your focus is more on skills, professional achievements, and goals. You’re supposed to connect with people who can help you achieve your future goals.

You can start with LinkedIn or Meetup, but that’s something everybody is doing. So, why not try something different? Something that comes with several additional features? For instance, connects people over food. It means you can meet investors online and discuss your business idea at a nearby restaurant. You can go further and make the best first impression by booking a seat. Sounds cool, right?

Go to business events

Another way to boost your professional network can be to join business events and conferences in your area. While it used to be a dream a few months back, vaccination has made it our reality again. So, for the next time, if you see an advertisement for a business event taking place in your city, don’t just scroll. Buy a ticket and go for it. Sometimes, you don’t even need to pay for it. Search for events that offer free entry, attend them, and enjoy networking with professionals.

Business events create several opportunities for startup enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. You get to meet people who share similar interests. There won’t be only strugglers but also experienced ones who have already seen enough. Though everyone’s journey is unique, you can still extract something useful from their experience if you know the art. But that will happen only if you step out of your comfort zone and start meeting new people.

Participate in webinars

Webinars are suitable for people with a packed schedule. You can attend them online without needing to visit a physical location, saving hours that you would have wasted in commuting either. However, they offer limited results as you don’t get to interact with people in-person. But they are still an excellent way to use your free time to learn something new and find people with similar minds. What makes webinars useful for emerging entrepreneurs is that all the other attendees join them to sharpen their skills and make it big in the future.

Tips for success

·     Make new connections but don’t ignore the old ones.

·     Be yourself every time you meet a new person to keep it going in the long run.

·     Present your startup or business idea in the way you want others to see it.

·     Be respectful to everyone.

Summing it up!

Business networking allows you to come across advisors, mentors, investors, entrepreneurs, founders, and other professionals from all walks of life. When you start connecting with people online, you give yourself the freedom to explore the world you know without any location or local language restrictions. In this way, you have a wide ocean filled with people from all walks of life whom you can reach out to discuss ideas and opportunities. Right networking is the key.

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