Security force Malaysia plays a vital role towards nation’s security

Security force Malaysia plays a vital role towards nation’s security

When government or private organizations hire a security guard, they trust the person for the most important role. They are hired to protect us against force, theft, terrorism, vandalism, sabotage, cyber-attacks, physical violence, and enforcement of contracts, and whose highest priority is the protection of the common public. Therefore, he needs to be fit and quick and should be fully equipped with arms and weapons. Most countries like Malaysia have made it mandatory for the security forces Malaysia that they should be fully trained and certified before joining any security services firm. They are prerequisites to complete a full training program with hands-on competency for carrying and using weapons. After qualifying their module, they are eligible to carry weapons with them and work with any security firm. For example, in California, to carry a baton (one of the types of equipment that security guards carry) and to get a job of security, one needs to take the proper course, and then only after qualifying both physical and mental examination, they allow to carry weapons with them.

Duty towards security by forces:

The duty of a security force in Malaysia based includes protecting people, places, and property from prospective threats. Their duties may include locking doors, watching surveillance footage of every minute, patrolling a discreet area, and monitoring alarms. They are trained so well and alert while on duty to identify any distressful activity, even in the shadow. If they find any suspicious person or any crime happening in front of them, they have the right to arrest them and call the police to take further necessary action. They also become a very important eyewitness when presented in front of law and order. Many public places such as airports, apartments, gated communities, concert venues, hotels, casinos, college campuses, retail stores, correctional facilities, schools, etc., completely rely on the security force Malaysia. Their main role lies in their function as superintendent. They need to be extra careful and alert every time because they become the key person if any crime happens.

While hiring a security force, the key responsibility given to him is to become a keen observer who needs to monitor the CCTV surveillance all the time, and his eyes should be on screen all the time he is on duty. His work also includes conducting surveillance, carrying out safety audits, interrogating doubtful records while keeping screen monitoring records. In addition, those with technical skills may work with cybersecurity thwarting the network against spam, malware, and hackers.

Social forces play a key role in protecting area security and assuring social order and safety and fighting crime and law violations related to the particular area security and social order and safety.

What should be the prime function of the security force in Malaysia?

A) They need to advise and let their boss know about the matters related to security, social order, control of crime, and law violation by any of the working staff or outside people.

B) They also need to tell the management about the security, social order and safety, and control of crime and law violation.

C) Take spontaneous action against the breached law, crimes, and social order violation.

What should be the mission of the security force Malaysia?

A) They collect information, scrutinize and evaluate the situation, work on its development, and recommend the administration about the solutions with appropriate policies, laws, and strategies.

B) They need to actively prevent, detect and defeat any plots and acts of violation and work towards eliminating the threat towards the organization. 

C) They need to conduct intelligence procedures under the laws.

D) If they have the clients like high-end officers, celebrities, international delegates, they need to be extra alert.

E) To manage activities of any sort of security protection, they take the lead in administrating the entry and exit during any personnel’s transit.

F) They are responsible for managing and protecting network security and prevention and fighting against cybercrime in line with the laws.

G) They need to consider the foremost responsibility for preposterous tasks and fighting against any bad or violence happening around the premises. Therefore, they work actively towards preventing, observing, evaluating, act and raising a voice against crimes and acts of violation of the laws on social order and safety.

H) They are responsible for taking action while procuring criminal judgment execution, temporary custody, and detention. In addition, they are responsible for the interpretation, escort, management of material evidence stock, protection of the trial, and performing other judicial support tasks in line with the laws.

I) Security force Malaysia-based holds the responsibility towards administering penalties towards administrative violence.

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