Skincare tips during winter

Skincare tips during winter

The cheerful and pleasant weather is upon us in Dubai. The emirates get the much-awaited sigh of relief from the soaring summer temperature in November and this is when the tourist season officially begins. Outdoor events become a thing and unlike summers, people love to spend the daytime exploring new places. This is the time of the year when air-conditioners are turned off, parks and beaches are thriving with exciting faces and tourists are enjoying every spot in the city. But wait. Are you paying enough attention to your skin? Amid all these fun activities and sunbathing, we hope that you don’t forget your skin at all. Since outdoor roaming becomes a routine in winter with no fear of unbearable heat, people tend to stay outdoors most of the time ignoring what their body needs. this is why many end up taking Hydration Drip after a thrilling day at the beach, desert, or hiking in the mountains. In this post, we have gathered some essential skincare tips to follow during the winter season in Dubai.

Make exfoliation a regular part of skincare

Are you noticing dry patches on the skin during winter? This often happened due to a lack of exfoliation. Even for sensitive skin, we recommend exfoliation at least once a week. The process removes dead skin cells and reduces dryness. There are plenty of products available in the market for exfoliation however we strongly discourage our clients from using products with microplastics, pearls, or grains. that is harsh on the skin. Make sure to be gentle while applying the product and scrub it off after a light massage. You can also use some home remedies or opt for chemical peels at a beauty clinic.

Moisturize, Moisturize, and Moisturize

Many think that you don’t need moisturizers in winter as the skin becomes oily. No matter the season or sin type, miniaturization of the skin is highly important. Without a proper moisturizer, your skin becomes dull and appears older than actual age. You can also use natural products such as coconut oil, milk, honey, etc. but for more effects, we suggest you invest in a credible moisturizer.


We have always heard that drinking eight glasses of water is important for a healthy body and skin. But let’s admit that we sometimes fail to follow the recommendation. This happens a lot during winter and especially during the holiday season. Tourists also make the same mistake and reduce their water intake unconsciously while trying out new coffee shops and bars. The sugary drinks, sodas, tea, and coffee takes place of water and go water-less for hours without realizing it. This unhealthy consumption of drinks affects our bodies and reflects on our skin. If you want fresh glowing skin, you must ensure to drink plenty of water during the day and avoid other drinks.


Who doesn’t love to spend a relaxing day at the beach? Pristine white sands, transparent water, stunning views, and breathtaking ocean views are among many reasons why people love to spend a day at the beach. But hold one! Have you applied sunscreen before you step out? Applying sun blocks is highly important as sun rays are one of the leading culprits that affect our skin directly. No matter whether you are planning a beach day, desert safari, or a random shopping spree in a traditional old souk, you must apply and reapply sunblock on your skin. 

No hotter showers

At the end of an adventurous and exhausting, we all love a soothing hot shower before bed. But according to skin experts, the hot showers during winter strip off the skin of essential moisture leaving it dry and dull. Even hot showers are not recommended for hair either. Instead, go for a lukewarm water shower. Apply moisturizer after the shower to retain the moisture and ensure smooth skin.

In recent years, skin experts have introduced several advanced non-invasive skincare procedures to ensure younger-looking skin. Procedures like facelifts, Double Chin removal, botox, etc. have earned popularity among the masses. if your skin becomes too irritable during winter, don’t shy away from consulting a skin expert.

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