The Key Differences Between Medical Oxygen And Industrial Oxygen?

The Key Differences Between Medical Oxygen And Industrial Oxygen?

What Is Medical Oxygen?

You may have heard the phrases oxygen and medical oxygen used interchangeably in various contexts. However, there is a significant distinction between ordinary and medical oxygen in the compressed gas sector. This article will explain the differences between industrial and medical oxygen and medical-grade oxygen applications and common oxygen fallacies.

Medical oxygen is high-purity oxygen developed for use in the human body and medical treatments. Oxygen Cylinder Dubai for medical supplies contains ultra-pure oxygen; no other gases are filled in these cylinders to prevent contamination. Medical oxygen comes with its own set of purity and different standards, as well as the necessity that you order it with a prescription. There are no definite contraindications to using oxygen. However, the inspired concentration should be reduced in premature newborns and patients with chronic bronchitis or emphysema. The British Thoracic Society (BTS) has released guidelines on the safe therapeutic use of medical oxygen, urging adequate patient assessment before use.

Oxygen is used as an industrial gas to replace or enrich air, improving ferrous and non-ferrous metal production combustion efficiency. Industrial oxygen is utilized for oxidation, cutting, and chemical reactions in industrial plants. The purity levels of industrial oxygen are not suitable for human use, and contaminants from un Hygenic equipment or industrial storage could make people sick.

FDA Sets Requirements for Medical Oxygen

Because medical oxygen is regulated, it requires a prescription. It is to make sure that users are safe and that patients get the right amount of oxygen. There is no one-size-fits-all answer because people are different sizes and require varying amounts of medical oxygen for their specific medical problems. As a result, patients must see their doctor and obtain a prescription for medical oxygen.

The authorities also require that medical Oxygen Cylinder Dubai be free of impurities and maintain a chain of custody to ensure that the cylinder is exclusively used for medicinal purposes. Cylinders previously used for something else couldn’t be used for medical-grade oxygen unless they were evacuated, thoroughly cleaned, and properly labeled.

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Common Medical Oxygen Uses And Misconceptions

Medical oxygen is employed in various situations, ranging from accidents and emergencies to intensive care cases in medical institutions such as hospitals. It’s used for anesthetic, emergency resuscitation, life support for patients who cannot breathe independently, and oxygen therapy. Medical oxygen is used by athletes in specific settings such as high altitudes and intense training.

Common Oxygen Misconceptions

A common belief is that we breathe 100% oxygen in our atmosphere. That’s not true. The air we breathe is composed of different gases, about 21 percent oxygen and 78 percent nitrogen. The other 1% is a mix of gases like CO2 and hydrogen.

Another widespread myth is that particular occupations or uses require high purity oxygen that is close to 100% oxygen. High purity grade is not fit for the purpose of firefighting , deep-sea diving, or other applications. Most of these scenarios use ordinary air or ABO gas, which is often filtered and refrigerated for user comfort.

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