Tips for rodent-proofing your home in the upcoming fall season

Tips for rodent-proofing your home in the upcoming fall season

Particularly throughout the fall and winter, rats and mice are particularly adept at getting inside homes. You might permanently keep rats and mice out of your house by locating and shutting off the few access points they frequently use. There are many ways to avoid rodents this season, from mouse-proofing your home to cleaning up your kitchen so rats aren’t tempted to come inside. To understand how to keep pests out when the weather becomes colder, keep reading this article.

Maintain Your Yard

Effective rat-proofing includes addressing problem areas in your yard since it can give rodents shelter and make it simpler for them to enter your house. In order to prevent rodents from entering your roof more easily, first, check to make sure that no tree branches are touching or hanging too close to it. Mow your grass and prune the plants and shrubs that surround the outside of your property. Last but not least, make sure there isn’t any firewood or other junk stacked against or leaning against your house.

Seal all food sources

Before winter, rodents will try to establish a supply of food and water. They won’t be able to smell or access your food if it is put in hard plastic containers that are sealed tightly. Keep all of your garbage in tightly sealed containers. Only feed your pet during mealtimes. Also, don’t leave any food on the counter uncovered.

Don’t Install Bird Feeders Close to the House

As indicated by the presence of squirrels who playfully lark around any bird feeder, the seeds and crushed grains that go into most bird-food combinations are a delicious feast for rodents. Although feeding birds is a commendable activity, you shouldn’t be shocked if mice and rats start congregating around your feeders. Keep your bird feeders as far away from your home as you can if you must feed the birds.

Seal Your Home

Making it harder for rodents to enter your home is a necessary feature of fall rodent prevention. You’ll need to seal up potential rodent entryways to accomplish this, so start by strolling through your house and carefully inspecting every space for even the smallest openings. Remember, while doing this, that rats and mice can both nibble at small gaps to make them wider, and that mice can squeeze through dime-sized holes. Open garage doors, utility line openings, damaged vent screens, and foundation gaps are some of the most usual entry points for rodents into houses.

Place Bait and Traps.

Set up a few traps and bait stations inside, mostly as a diagnostic measure. A live trap can be used to humanely capture and release rodents while also warning you when they try to enter your home. The best live traps have a spring-loaded shutter that snaps shut when mice enter in pursuit of food. These chamber-style devices are the most effective live traps. Avoid sticky trap designs since mice have been known to try to free themselves from the adhesive by chewing on their own paws; these traps are in no way humane.

Adopt a Predator Animal

Keeping a pet that enjoys hunting, can be an effective rodent deterrent. However, since pet food is usually available in a home with pets, mice can consider your home to be an excellent source of food. However, a young, aggressive cat or a breed of dog, such as a terrier, known for hunting small animals, can fairly keep this maniac in check.


Rodents have huge, powerful front teeth that are designed for chewing and can easily pierce practically any material, including metal. The important step in managing your home’s rodent-proofing is to routinely inspect for signs of resurgent rodent activity and make immediate repairs.

Call a qualified pest control service

Pest control companies have a massive knowledge base on excluding pests. If you live in the UAE it is highly recommended to hire the best pest control company Dubai i.e. Lamp UAE. They may provide you with the solutions for keeping rodents and a variety of other pests out of your home. The two things that rodents are primarily concerned with are food and safety. If you don’t offer them, they’ll move on to somewhere more enticing. You may prevent disease-carrying rats from entering your house by making a few simple changes. That is how simple it is.