Types of Polypropylene Tanks and Their Uses in Fire Trucks

Types of Polypropylene Tanks and Their Uses in Fire Trucks

What’s Polypropylene (PP)?

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic made up of pp monomers. Today, PP is employed in a variety of applications, ranging from consumer product packaging to the automobile industry, Polypropylene Fire Trucks.

The material soon gained popularity after its introduction in 1951. Rugged and impervious to a wide range of chemical solvents, acids, and bases. It has a rather slick surface, which makes it ideal for low-friction applications such as gears. This property distinguishes PP from other polymers such as Acetal. Furthermore, PP has a higher melting point than other plastics; products are safe to use in hot settings.

Bumpers, chemical tanks, wire insulation, and gas cans are all common uses for PP in the automotive industry, Polypropylene utility trucks. In natural fiber composites, polypropylene is frequently used as a thermoplastic binder component. Door panels, consoles, seatbacks, trunk liners, and other vehicle applications are just a few examples.

Natural fibers, when combined with PP, offer a cost-effective alternative to fiberglass:

  • Excellent environmental performance
  • Good thermal properties
  • High resilience

Meraj International,the best Specialist vehicle assembler of polypropylene tanks, can be customized to meet various utility needs. Chemicals, fertilizers, and other typical products used in operation are stored in tanks. Tanks made of polypropylene are also helpful for transporting and storing corrosive substances. Meraj International can also create custom tanks to meet any requirement.

Polypropylene tanks are ideal for any storage need due to their lightweight design and anti-corrosive qualities. The Meraj International Recovery Vehicles Assemblercan also design custom tanks to boost efficiency and convenience. Tanks can be installed in the beds of pickup trucks or utility trucks for storage. Contact the Meraj International Team to discover more about the various polypropylene tank alternatives.

Types of Polypropylene tanks for fire trucks:

Rectangle tanks:

Rectangular fire truck tanks are very popular. They include leak proof extrusion welding, making them long-lasting and secure. They’re most commonly found on tanker and pumper trucks, but they can also be found on brush or wilderness trucks for fighting wildfires. One of their key advantages is the high volume of water they can carry in a relatively short space due to its simple rectangular prism form without numerous weird edges or notches.


One of the most popular models of fire truck tanks, along with the rectangle tank, is the T-tank. It’s designed in the shape of a T so that hoses and other equipment can be tucked into the notches. This design is also ideal for including a ladder tunnel. T-tanks have a lower center of gravity than many other types of tanks, allowing for a more balanced fire truck. They also utilize leak proof extrusion welding to ensure long-term endurance. Tanker trucks and pumper trucks are commonly equipped with T-tanks.

Elliptical tanks:

An elliptical tank’s rounded shape provides significantly higher carrying capacity per unit of surface area. However, because elliptical tanks fit into the truck less precisely and snugly, fitting other equipment around them can be more difficult. Tanker trucks are commonly used with these tanks.

Skid tanks:

These tanks come with a variety of compartment options like hose racks, toolboxes on top of them. The volume of liquid they can contain is reduced because of the complexity of their design, but in some situations where a large supply of equipment is required, the tradeoff may be worth it.

Pumper tanks:

Pumper tanks are used to spray water on a fire. Pumper trucks with a self-contained pump are the most common vehicles for them. Pumper trucks are easier to drive and carry more equipment and less water than tanker trucks.

Tanker tanks:

They typically carry more water than pumper trucks and, as a result, have a small capacity to carry less equipment. As a result, the tanks on these vehicles are massive. Tanker tanks are built to contain massive amounts of water, up to several thousand pounds, and because one gallon of water weighs more than eight pounds, many tanks may hold tens of thousands of pounds. These tanks are made to be strong to prevent leaks and withstand the tremendous weight they contain. Because more and more Fire Truck for Sale on IVECO features specialized fire apparatus, many polypropylene tanks are custom-built. Many water tanks include corners and notches to accommodate the additional apparatus that fire crews typically bring in their vehicles. Ladder tunnels are also included in certain designs, allowing firefighters to store their ladders.