What Does a UAE Property Management Company Do?

What Does a UAE Property Management Company Do?

Commercial property ownership and operation necessitate a lot of time and effort, which you may not have as a property owner. A property management business offers various services to make property ownership easier by removing many of the day-to-day responsibilities from your plate. Just visit Real estate offices in Sharjahto hire third-party property management services to help you reach your ownership goals, whether you want to generate additional revenue or leverage a long-term asset.

The Property Management Team

When you hire from the best real estate companies in Ajman, the people you’ll be working with are usually:

  • Property Manager
  • Assistant Property Manager
  • Property Administrator
  • Property Accountant/Accounting Team
  • Maintenance Engineer(s)

Tenant relations, forecasting, contract services, and lease compliance are all responsibilities of a property manager. The assistant property manager is in charge of tenant relations (work orders and communication), accounts payable and receivable, and tenant bill backs every month. Work order management, service contracts, financial reports, and event planning are all handled by property administrators. The property accountant/accounting staff takes the full-cycle accounting, monthly financial statements, and vendor inquiries are all controlled by the property accountant/accounting staff. Finally, property maintenance engineers manage tenant complaints (such as a leaking roof) and routine property upkeep and preventative maintenance (like HVAC inspections). 

 What Does a Property Management Company Do?

Hiring a Real estate management company Sharjah, can increase your company’s value by saving you time and money. The advantages of hiring a team typically involve services that fall into one of two categories:

  • Financial Services
  • Management Services

Financial Services

A property management business assists a landlord in meeting their financial objectives for a rental property. Property management businesses often provide one of three types of financial services: 

  • Accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Rent Collection


Property managers provide a variety of financial statements to help you understand the functioning of the facility. A property manager’s monthly financial statements may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Rent Roll Reconciliation

The monthly rent, escalations, and lease expiration date are all listed on a rent roll for each renter. Rent roll reconciliation ensures that both the landlord and the renters are informed of the due rent. Complex escalations across several tenants might be challenging to manage without a detailed record.

Aged Delinquencies

A report will disclose if any renters owe an outstanding sum or are overdue on their rent. To help the owner understand the tenants’ health in the building details on any payment plans, collections, and potential future issues can be supplied.


A property manager will track the property’s financial status and predict the property’s income and expenses and create a budget that fits the owner’s expectations, providing the property performs as planned. Reports can be tailored to each landlord’s specific requirements.

An executive summary will be written regularly to keep the landlord up to date on how the property is performing about the budget. The property manager will note the difference in the variance in commercial real estate appraisal cost and follow the cause if the budget is not reached.

Rent Collection

Ensuring that tenants pay their rent is an essential part of achieving ownership goals. Multiple tenants with different rental periods and prices and individual account balances necessitate rigorous record-keeping. Property management companies in sharjah keep tenant ledgers to keep track of each tenant’s account balance and rent schedule.

A landlord often has the power to place a tenant in default if they break their lease (i.e., don’t pay their rent). Because there are numerous legal complexities involved, understanding the process is essential if one intends to cure a tenant’s default. When necessary, property managers serve as agents on behalf of landlords and pursue default remedies.

Management Services

The property’s physical state is a significant asset that can swiftly degrade if not correctly maintained. A professional property manager will have a clear maintenance schedule so that property, lighting, and HVAC inspections can be done regularly. They ensure that the property’s infrastructure is in excellent working order and that repairs are done when needed.

They may also recommend making changes to the property, such as new landscaping or other enhancements. While upgrades might be pricey, keeping a property up to date and in good working order can save money in the long term.

Property updates are similar to doing laundry. You either stink and alienate people if you don’t wash your clothing as often as you should, or you run out of clothes to wear if you don’t. You look lovely, smell good, and people appreciate being around you when you do your laundry, which can lead to meaningful friendships. Now compare this to the updates you’ve made to your property.

If you don’t refresh your landscaping, your property will become uninviting, and visitors will avoid it. When you make the necessary improvements, your home will have more appeal, and people will appreciate the atmosphere, resulting in more visitors and customers in the long term. Do yourself a favor and keep your property up to date by doing your laundry.

The largest apartment management company acts as a maintenance representative for the landlord. When a problem arises at the property (power goes out, a pipe bursts, etc. ), a renter can usually contact the property manager to resolve the issue. Because the nature, severity, and responsibility of these issues differ from lease to lease and building to building, it is crucial to have a good property manager who can efficiently handle problems when they arise. Property managers are also aware of leases and may communicate when anything falls under the tenant’s responsibility rather than the owners’. While these problems may develop due to circumstances beyond their control, a good property manager tries to minimize the danger of these problems and successfully manage the damage when they do.

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