Why Choose An Electric Vehicles?

Why Choose An Electric Vehicles?

When it comes to purchasing a car comfort and safety are a must. But in addition to luxury, we must think about the pollution that we are creating. A car produces harmful, poisonous gas that is injurious to our health. Besides that these gases are also the cause of increasing global warming. Electric vehicles are the solution to such problems.

Buying an electric vehicle is the smartest and wisest choice in today’s world. We are somehow responsible for the increased risk of global warming. It’s high time that we own up to our responsibilities. We cannot take back what we have already created but we can find an alternative. Electric vehicles give us an opportunity to right our wrongs.

Electric cars are the cheapest and most eco-friendly way of transportation. It serves its purpose rightfully by giving us a congenial and pocket-friendly ride with no engine noise bugging around. Now you must be thinking about how to charge this vehicle.

What is an Electric vehicle charger?

EV chargers or EV chargers allow you to charge your EV just like any chargeable device or electronic. You can easily find an EV charging station near you just by looking it up on your search engine. Although charging an EV takes a bit of planning. With the growing demand for Electric vehicles more and more charging station is being provided. But unlike filling up gas, it takes time to charge a vehicle.

To avoid this fuss you can also install a pod point home charger to charge your car. It is a much easier and more convenient way of charging a vehicle. Now you don’t have to run to the station every time you are low on battery.

How does an EV charger work?

An EV charger consumes electric current from a 240v outlet or a hardwired grid. Similar to how you charge mobile phones or any other electronic devices, you have to charge an EV by plugging it into the wall.

Benefits of having an EV charger at home?

Having electric car chargers has its perks. Such as:

Easy to find a charging station

You can connect your charging point to the network. This allows the drivers to find a nearby charging station and if it is free or in use. It also allows you to make future reservations. It gives the owners of home charging stations to earn extra income while helping others. The owner can also decide to restrict the access to themselves, friends or anyone using the networks.

Convenient the owner has total control of charging the vehicle on their own time.
Now you can relax watch television or do your house chores while your card gets charged. It saves you energy and time. A fully charged EV can work efficiently for a whole day, except when you are going for a long drive. In that case, an EV will need to go to a public electric vehicle charging station.

Fast charging

Home installed car charging devices are a safe means of charging your electric vehicle at maximum charging power. It makes charging fast as compared to traditional power sockets.


The cost of installation might seem expensive. But it covers the cost when the charging cost becomes cheaper. Public stations also add service charges that cost more. There are also smart solar charging stations that utilize excess solar power when scheduled.

Safe charging

An electric vehicle changer is much safer. The manufacturers test the connection between the car and the device before selling. Safety is a must. The increase in dynamic load management can increase safety. Charging can be stopped remotely whenever needed.

Battery life

Just like smartphones, the electric vehicle also runs on a battery system. Once the charging is finished it needs to be recharged to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment. Over time the battery of any electronic device loses its power. Continuous change can reduce the capacity of the battery to hold power. To avoid this, it is recommended to let the device charge 100%. In the public charging station, you might have to discontinue the charging because of the consumer in line. Home installed charging point avoids this risk. You can charge your vehicle fully overnight and it will be ready to use the next morning.

Property value

With increasing demands for electric vehicles, it is convenient for a new buyer to have a house that comes with an Electric vehicle charger. Adding an Electric vehicle charger to your house increases the value of your house.


If you buy an electric vehicle from a different manufacturer from your Electric vehicle charger, you don’t have to worry about capability. Most Electric vehicle chargers are compatible with different electric vehicles.

Optimizing charging time

Needless to say, a home Electric vehicle charging point saves a lot of time. It also saves you money and helps preserve the environment. In addition to that, it also benefits the electricity grid, as prices follow electricity demand.

Monitoring electric consumption

Disputes such as increased consumption of electricity can be tiring. The charging device is connected to charging services that collect the consumption data. It directly sends the bill to the charger owner.

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