Why should we have a Full Body Checkup Package?

Why should we have a Full Body Checkup Package?

A very few people ask for a doctor when they recognize they have a medical issue, others are intentive to visit the doctor at a regular break to get a checkup done, all things contemplate, many people don’t have an idea how regularly they should visit a doctor for a full body checkup. So, you should visit our Full Body Checkup In Delhi NCR

Earlier, it was a certain conclusion that in the event if you need to make sure for health, you are required to have a full body checkup one time a year. everything changes with time. Promote advanced medical and maintain honor and dignity.

We should have an entire full body checkup in Delhi NCR once at regular 5 years for the age of before 40, after 40 years of age, you should have an entire full body checkup at regular 3 years.

Why do the regularity of full body checkup increase with age?

There are many people whose age is 40, and below 40 who have no medical issues and are normally healthy. There is off chance they do have a medical issue at this age, so, many people have to visit doctors on a regular basis for a full body health checkup, and they should have visit doctors at least once every 5 years.

It was noticed that yearly checkups are not financially tough, though, we should have to visit doctors at least once a year.

The following tests are done:

Blood Test: Blood test for glucose level for testing diabetes. Hemoglobin counts, Platelets count, WBC count eosinophils, lymphocytes, polymorphs, monocytes, and basophils.

Urine Test: to learn the level of glucose and protein and other several crystals in renal problems.

Cholesterol Test: Blood test for triglyceride levels and to avoid the patient for heart disease.

Haemogram with ESR: Haemogram is a test that measures the platelets number of 

WBCs, RBCs. commonly known as Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR).

Renal Profile: It’s a group of blood tests which they executed together to assess kidney (renal) function. it includes Urea, EGFR, Albumin, and creatinine.

Liver Function Testing (LFT): It’s a group of blood tests that give information about the condition of a patient’s kidney.

Lipid Profile: This includes the level of total cholesterol, High-density lipoprotein (HDL), Low-density lipoprotein (HDL) Cholesterol.

Thyroid Profile: This estimates the level of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), T3, and T4.

Other Parameters:

  • HBA1c
  • HBsAg
  • Sr Calcium
  • C Reactive Protein
  • Iron Studies
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D3
  • Electrolytes
  • Urine Microalbumin
  • Pap Smear/ PSA

Is it very costly?

No, full body package will not affect your financials. This full body checkup finds the future disease before it will come. It is saving your money, Because you are giving money to the doctors for your health, and of course, health is more important than anything. So, visit our lab as fast as you can.

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Why do you require a Whole Body Checkup?

Shut out the health issues in the first position: We have to take care of our health, Because solving the health issues in our life which are based on it.

Change your health conditions: Many people don’t realize that they are lack health issues, Because they think it’s a normal problem, and then they forget. you can control your health.

It saves you money: This process actually saves your money, if you have taken health checkups earlier from time to time then the future disease will never come, and that will be your money-saving strategy.

Healthy and Happy life: A regular basis checkup and let us see your feeling in a couple of days. then you can enjoy your precious time, with no health issues, and live a happy life with your family.

SO, Don’t waste your time, go to our full body checkup in our lab Full Body Checkup In Delhi NCR.


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